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Code of Conduct

Student Code of Conduct:

The University of Houston-Clear Lake, as an educational institution, has a special set of interests and purposes essential to its effective functioning. These include; (a) the opportunity for students to attain their educational objectives, (b) the creation and maintenance of an intellectual and educational atmosphere throughout the University, and (c) the protection of the health, safety, welfare, property, and human rights of all members of the University, and the property of the university itself.  In the area of student conduct, the University has a clear responsibility to protect and promote the pursuit of its goals.  The Student Code of Conduct emphasizes the University’s commitment to promote the freedom, intellectual development, and personal responsibility of its students.

Reporting Student Conduct and Concerns:

Any member of the University community may submit a written allegation of violation (an incident report) of the Prohibited Conduct Section of the Student Code of Conduct. The reporter must include sufficient facts which would enable the Dean of Students office to decide if further fact finding is necessary.

An incident report should include the name of the involved students and any pertinent facts (date, time, location, and brief description) relating to the alleged incident. When possible, make sure to include the student's UHCL ID number and minimize pronoun usage.

The following two forms may be used when reporting student conduct and behavior.

  • Incident Reporting Form
    • This form is predominantly used for reporting general student incidents, where there is one or more alleged Student Code of Conduct and/or campus policy violations.
  • CARE Team Reporting Form
    • This form is predominantly used for reporting student incidents involving a student's mental health, i.e. anxiety, depression, stress, emotional outbursts, addictive behavior, and/or a change in behavior, to name a few.

FERPA and Sharing Information

When a student incident is reported to the Dean of Students office, a member of our team reviews the incident report within a timely manner. If there is one or more alleged policy violations identified in the incident report, our office will meet with the alleged involved students (respondents, complainants, and/or witnesses) as needed. If there is one or more mental health concerns present, our office will follow up with the alleged student(s) accordingly, which includes connecting the student with appropriate campus resources.

Student confidentiality is one of our office's core values. As such, the Dean of Students office is unable to share any student information pertaining to a submitted incident report, a CARE Team report, and/or a student's conduct record at the University, without written permission from the involved student(s). However, the Dean of Students office will share important and/or relevant student information with specific faculty, staff, and/or campus offices, when appropriate.

A student may submit a FERPA Release form to the Dean of Students office, which gives our office permission to discuss the student's conduct/behavior with one or more individuals designated on the form.