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Information for Students

Absence Notification

If the following situation(s) are keeping you from attending class please contact our office:

  • A personal emergency
  • A family emergency
  • You will be unable to complete the semester

Although we will not excuse you from classes, we will notify your professors and academic dean about your situation. Please know that we will ask you to provide documentation verifying your emergency/situation. If you have any issues getting documentation, please let us know.  Click the link for more information and to request an absence notification letter

Understanding Policy and Procedures

Our office is here to ensure that all of our students understand the community standards and rules put in place so that all individuals are able to enjoy a safe and supportive campus environment.

As a student, your responsibilities include familiarizing yourself with all university-related policies and procedures. If you have questions about a UHCL policy or procedure, please contact us. We  understand that this can be a bit overwhelming and are happy to assist you in understanding UHCL and UH System policy and procedures. 

Student Complaints

At the University of Houston-Clear Lake, students have a right to fair and equitable treatment. The Dean of Students Office encourages students to resolve issues, differences or discrepancies by notifying and requesting resolution from the appropriate person, supervisor, or department head.

If the matter is not resolved, the students may schedule an appointment with the Dean of Students Office (or a designee) for guidance on how to pursue the grievance with a person or department.  The student may submit a formal concern or complaint following the guidelines outlined in the university's Compact With Texans.  Individuals needing assistance with directing their complaints or understanding the proper procedures may consult with the Dean of Students representative.

For academic complaints in regards to grades and course concerns, students are to follow academic appeals policies listed in the university catalog or contact the academic college.

Title IX sexual misconduct and discrimination complaints are to be reported to the Office of Title IX and Equal Opportunity Services. Emergencies and safety concerns are to be reported immediately to the University Police Department at 281-283-2222. To report violations, fraud and other cases of misconduct, Report It.


If your situation requires you to consider withdrawing from one or all your classes, please contact the Registrars Office prior to doing so. More information regarding the withdrawal process.

Enrollment Questions

The Welcome Center in SSCB, serves as your first stop for general questions you need answered. You can stop by in-person (SSCB 1101), call 281-283-2722 or email