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One of my goals as the Dean of Students includes developing a learning mission of the university.

To help achieve this, it is important for all faculty members to feel comfortable to teach and engage students in academic settings free of disruptive, disrespectful, threaten, demanding, and dominating behaviors.

We must clearly establish expectations of civility and respect, which are a part of the daily interactions between faculty and students because anything less will not be tolerated.

I am convinced that we can create such an environment; however, I believe we will have to start at the grassroots level.

Understanding Policies and Procedures

You should know my office can and will serve as a resource tool for you.

Polices and procedures have been designed to guide you through student-related issues and answer general questions. Contact me with any questions you have about any policy or procedure.

I look forward to working with you to ensure we continue enhancing the academic integrity of UHCL.


Is someone's health or safety at risk? CARE Concern online or call 281-283-2273 at anytime.

UHCL's Crisis Awareness Response Emergency (CARE) Team treats your concern with respect and you can remain anonymous.

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