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Sending Email

How to Build MS Form and submit via email


  2. Login with UHCL credential

Create MS Form

  1. Create Form by press Create New Quiz.

    Create Form

    Read more of how to create MS Form.

Create Power Automate

  1. Click Apps.

    Click Apps

  2. Click All apps.

    All Apps

  3. Click Power Automate.

    Power Automate

  4. Click My flow.

    My Flow

  5. New flow.

  6. Automated cloud flow.

    Power Automate Flow

  7. Add Flow name.

  8. Select “When a new response is submitted Microsoft Forms.
    Name form

  9. Pick your form ID from dropdown – It should be the name of your MS Form.

  10. Click New step.

    New Step

  11. Under Choose an operation, type Get Response details.

    get reponse details

  12. Save it and test it. If no errors, it means your form and your Power Automate is connected. The fields from your form input should be shown under Dynamic content.

  13. Add New step.

  14. Select Mail.
    select Mail

  15. Select Send an email notification (V3).


  16. In To, Add the recipient’s email:

  17. Add subject. In this example, the Responder’s email is dragged and dropped from Dynamic content.

  18. 18. In Body, you can construct all the content and add the field content dynamically from your form.
    dynamic content

  19. Press Save.

Test Your Form

  1. Back to your form.
  2. Fill the input from Preview or the link MS generated.
  3. Press Submit.
  4. The recipient will receive the email successfully as below:

Got email

Please contact Support Center if you have further questions.


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    Phone: 281-283-2828

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