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Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is your central hub for teamwork, collaboration, virtual meetings, and file sharing.


Teams is the new Listserv

If you want to communicate with peers outside of our organization, you'd need a Listserv, right? Not anymore - Microsoft Teams is available to anyone and everyone, even if they don't have access to Microsoft Office 365. Here's a quick guide on how to invite people to your team.

  1. Create a team in Microsoft Teams as you would normally do for any group, project, or committee.
  2. Invite users from UHCL by adding them to your team.
  3. Invite users from outside organizations by adding them via their e-mail address.
  4. Users from outside organizations will receive an invite from Microsoft Teams letting them know they have been invited to the team.
  5. By clicking Open Microsoft Teams within the email, the user can then access the team from their browser or the Microsoft Teams app.

Teams Success Stories

Here are just a few examples of how different groups and organizations around campus have been using Microsoft Teams!

  • The Writing Center has been using Microsoft Teams to extend writing workshops and one-on-one tutoring sessions to alumni. Thanks to Microsoft Teams, they've been able to set up appointments with alumni who do not have UHCL email addresses.
  • A member of the OIT’s PMO is building a small community of practice group of Texas State project managers by adding project managers from outside of UHCL.


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