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Scantron Instructions

OIT provides Scantron exam scoring workstations on both the UHCL main campus and at our Pearland location. Beginning with the FA21 semester, the main campus Scantron equipment will be housed in the Center for Engagement, Teaching, and Learning (CETL) in Bayou 1604. The Scantron system will be deployed for faculty self-service use, instead of the previous drop off/pick up procedure in Tech Services. Faculty members who plan to use Scantron exam forms for their exams should schedule an appointment with their designated instructional designer for an orientation/training session of the Scantron self-service station.

Instructions for Scantron Grading of Tests

Follow these instructions when submitting preparing your Scantron exam key for scanning/grading exams.

Filling in the Key

  1. Fill in the word "KEY" in the "NAME" field, left justified. Be sure the word "KEY" is also bubbled in. This must be done or the scanner will not recognize the document as the KEY form.
  2. Completion of the "SPECIAL CODES" fields is not necessary; however, if used, it it must be right justified.
  3. Fill in the right half of the form with the correct answers for each question. If a number is skipped on the key, that item will be scored as correct on the test.
  4. If a student has the last name "KEY",  they should put their first name first and last name last so that it will not cause the scanner to fail.

Filling in the Tests

  1. The "NAME" field should contain the student's name, in any format you choose. Please ensure that all students have bubbled in their names. Tests without bubbled names will not be scored. 
  2. The SPECIAL CODES field is OPTIONAL. If the instructor uses a code in this field, the student MUST enter the code, right justified.

Examples of Scantron Forms

See Acceptable Scanning Sheet (part I of II) in PDF

See Acceptable Scanning Sheet (Part II of II) in PDF

See NOT Acceptable Scanning Sheet (Part I of I) in PDF


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