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Phone Reference Guide

The following information covers the vocabulary associated with your Siemens Optiset phone. This includes a brief description of your Optiset phone keys, what the different dial tones mean, and how to setup the different features available on your phone. There are also some frequently asked questions in this section.


Soft Keys - The row of keys below the display screen. Their value changes depending on what is displaying on the screen.

Ringing Call/Voicemail Indicator - Red light on your handset

Speed Dial - Provides access to last number redial, station speed dial, saved number redialed, system speed dial, previous menu

Call Forwarding - To forward calls to another extension

Do Not Disturb - To block incoming calls

Decline - To decline an incoming call

Ignore - To ignore an incoming call and send the caller to voicemail.

Answer - To pick up the and put the caller on speaker.

Hold - To place a call in a temporary waiting position from which it can be retrieved only from your phone

Call Forwarding - To forward calls to another extension

Last Number Redial - The last number you call or called you

Conference Call - Lets up to 8 parties, including yourself, to participate in a call

Transfer - Lets you move a call to another extension

Extension Forwarding - Your calls automatically go to voicemail or another extension


Key pad - 1 - 0 * #
Keys - + -
Display (OptiGuide) - 2 lines 24 Characters per line
Feature Keys with Status Lights
Guidance Key (Select) or check mark
Guidance Keys (Scroll Forward/Back) or arrow keys
Speaker (listen only) 
Speaker - microphone
NOTE every phone has a listen only speaker, not every phone has a microphone

Sound Meaning
3 short tones (confirmation tone) A feature has been successfully activated.
3 short tones every 20  seconds Additional input, such as a PIN is required.
2 short tones every 20 seconds External call waiting
Wavering (error) tone Invalid feature request

How do I access my Voicemail?

Dial 3999 or 6995 from on-campus or 281-283-3999 from off-campus and follow the prompts OR open the email from Cisco Unity and open the .WAV file.

What does a red light on my handset mean?

That you have a new voicemail message.

How can I make a conference call?

From an active call, press the conference button, select the held call, press yes, from the held call, press Calls, select the held call and press yes.

How do I transfer a call?

With the caller on the line, press transfer, enter the person's extension, press transfer again. If you want the call to go straight to voicemail, press * plus the extension and press transfer again.

  Voicemail Access

On Campus

When calling from another phone on campus not from your normal office phone: Dial 6995 or 3999 and wait for the voicemail to answer, enter the * symbol then , your ID (extension number) and your PIN (password) and follow the prompts.  If you dialing from your normal main line office phone then you will not have to dial the * symbol, just enter your PIN (password) and follow the prompts.

Off Campus

Dial 281-283-3999 and wait for the voicemail to answer, enter the * symbol then your ID (extension number ) and then your PIN (password) and follow the prompts.

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