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Using the Coursework Server for your Classes

The CourseWork Web site provides for a standard URL naming convention that gives a unique address for each student to host his/her course related material. The Web site is not authenticated or encrypted, meaning that anyone can view any material posted on the Web site. The site provides universal read and secured write. The site supports delivery of HTML Web documents and documents in native format. The benefit of using this method is that the delivery method is universal to all through an Internet browser. Every browser (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Safari) handles things a little differently but we recommend Microsoft Internet Explorer.) Depending on your preferences, you can put up an HTML page to introduce your documents or simply post the documents for listing and reading.  When on campus you must use the UHCLPrivate wireless network.  

The naming convention for the Web site is composed of three components: 

  • Server URL (http://coursework.uhcl.edu)
  • Course Identifier (subject + catalog number + section), and 
  • Userid of the student. As an example, given a student whose Userid is “jonesr” and is a member of INST5635-01 the unique address for the student’s coursework site would be http://coursework.uhcl.edu/inst5635-01/jonesr .

Typically, each Web site has a beginning or startup document that contains the necessary links to all other pages in the Web site. The Web server provides automatic startup of the Web site if a “Default.htm” document is present within the student’s directory. If the “Default.htm” document is not present, then the document name must be provided by the student to start the Web site. As an example, assume the student “jonesr” from INST5635-01 web site and has placed a “Default.htm” document in the coursework site. When the user enters in the address, http://coursework.uhcl.edu/inst5635-01/jonesr, the default document will automatically start. However, if the student calls the beginning document “myhome.htm,” the web site will not automatically start and the student will have to provide the following address to the users: http://coursework.uhcl.edu/inst5635-01/jonesr/myhome.htm


Course site Web site: http://coursework.uhcl.edu

The master folder for the course site is called COURSEWORK.  The COURSEWORK folder contains a sub-folder for each supported class.  Each class folder contains a sub-directory for each student ENROLLED in the class.


The student support web site provides each student with a total of 5 gigabytes disk space to post coursework-related material.


Any faculty member teaching a class in which web-related assignments are required to complete the class may request creation of a coursework support site. The faculty member must place a formal request to the UCT Support Center prior to the first day of class.

A folder will be created for each student ENROLLED in the class. Folders are created through an automated process each night.


For Windows
For Macintosh OS


  • UCT Support Center

    Phone: 281-283-2828

    Bayou 2300
    2700 Bay Area Blvd.
    Houston, TX 77058-100


    Virtual Office Hours

    7:30 a.m. - 7 p.m.

    8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

    The Support Center is closed on Sundays