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Technical Specifications

Hardware, operating system, and browser differences play a significant role in how well Blackboard Learn and other instructional technologies function for students, faculty, and staff. Most modern computers can run Blackboard and related applications without a problem. However, portable devices (tablets, smart phones) may not provide the same level of performance and we see a greater number of technical problems from clients using portable devices. It is strongly recommended that you access Blackboard and other systems from a desktop computer with a strong and reliable internet connection. Please review the Student Checklist for Online Technology Readiness document and the below requirements to ensure your best online experience.

Students should avoid taking tests, quizzes, and submitting assignments on tablets or mobile (phone) devices. Performance on these systems is unpredictable and the use of a computer is highly recommended for such tasks.

Supported Browsers, Operating Systems, and Plugins

Is your browser supported by Blackboard? Run the browser checker to see. 

Supported Browsers

Please review the Student Checklist for Online Technology Readiness document for a detailed discussion of technology requirements for teaching and learning at UHCL.


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