Frequently Asked Questions

What is a hybrid course?

A hybrid course merges both face-to-face and online instruction. For example, College of Business hybrid courses taught in an 8-week term, will be taught in the classroom once per week with the remainder of the course content delivered online.

What is an accelerated program?

An accelerated degree program offers all of its courses in eight-week terms instead of the traditional 16-week term.

When are College of Business hybrid courses taught?

Hybrid courses are typically taught at our Clear Lake campus, Monday through Thursday from 7 p.m. to 9:50 p.m., with the exception of Healthcare Administration courses, which are taught at our Texas Medical Center location.

How many eight-week terms are in an academic year?

There are a total of five (5), eight-week terms in the academic year. There are two (2), eight-week terms in the fall and spring semesters, and one (1), eight-week term in the summer. The class schedule will have a notation of "8WK1" or "8WK2" to denote which term during the semester the class is being offered.

When can I be admitted into the accelerated program?

The UHCL accelerated programs admit students three times per year. Please visit the Office of Admissions for fall, spring or summer admissions application deadlines.

When can I register for courses offered in an eight-week format?

You may register for an eight-week session during the fall, spring or summer registration periods. In the fall and spring, you will register for both eight-week terms at the same time. Schedule adjustments for the second eight-week term can be completed with the assistance of your academic advisor.

How do I use the tuition calculator to determine tuition and fees for accelerate programs?

For the fall and spring semesters, enter the sum of the credit hours you intend to take in each of the eight-week terms in the credit hour field.

For the summer term, enter the total credit hours you intend to take during the summer. Most courses at UHCL are three (3) credit hours. For example, if you take two (2) courses in 8WK1 and two (2) courses in 8WK2, you would enter "12" in the credit hour field on the calculator.


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