Advance Math Placement Test (AMPT)

What is the Advanced Math Placement Test (AMPT)?

The AMPT is the assessment used to determine the appropriate math placement course. Students will have 75 minutes to complete the test. The test covers topics from Pre-Algebra, Algebra I, Algebra II, and Pre-Calculus.

Should I take the AMPT?

Students must have passed TSI Math in order to take the AMPT. If your academic major* requires Calculus I or above, you must complete the Advanced Math Placement test for proper placement,unless you have earned Math 2413 (Calculus I) credit through previous coursework or credit by examination.

Are there any exemptions for the AMPT?

Yes, see the chart below for additional information. Documentation must be received prior to course registration. Accepted credit is defined as college credit as obtained on AP and dual credit courses, CLEP or IB. 


  Minimum Standard Placement
Math 2412 (Pre-Calculus) Must have earned a C- or better Calculus I
Math 2413 (Calculus I) Must have earned a C- or better Calculus II
Calculus Advanced Placement (AP) Score of 3 or higher Calculus II
Calculus CLEP Score of 50 or higher Calculus II
International Baccalaureate
(IB) Mathematics (Higher Level)
Score of 5 or higher Calculus II

Do I have to take the AMPT before my first, mandatory advising visit?

Yes, you will need the AMPT results for the advising session in order for your advisor to correctly recommend the appropriate course placement.

How do I schedule the AMPT?

Schedule the AMPT now.

Will you accept a math placement score from another institution?

No, only placement tests given on the UHCL campus by the UHCL Testing Center are accepted for placement into UHCL math courses.

Are calculators allowed?

Yes, calculators are provided by the Testing Center. Outside calculators are not permitted.

How soon are test results available?

The test results are available upon completion.

What did I score?

The AMPT test has 25 questions, with varied levels of difficulty. Based on your number of answers your placement will be as follows: 25-20 in Math 2413 (Calculus 1), 15-19 for Math 2412 (Pre-Calculus), and up to 14 for Math 1314 (College Algebra).

What is the cost to take the AMPT?

The AMPT costs $20, payable at the time of online registration.

How often can I repeat the exam?

Students can only take the test once; it cannot be repeated.

*Applicable Majors

Biology, BS Cellular/Molecular/Biotechnology Specialization
Biology, BS Ecology/Microbiology/Aquatic/Marine Specialization
Biology, BS Physiology/Pre-Health Specialization
Biology, BS Plant Specialization
Chemistry, BA
Chemistry, BS
Computer Engineering
Computer Science
Environmental Science, Biology Specialization
Environmental Science, Chemistry Specialization
Environmental Science, Geology Specialization
Mathematical Science, BA
Mathematical Science, BA 7-12 
Mathematical Science, BS
Mathematical Science, BS 7-12 
Mechanical Engineering, BS