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Texas Core Curriculum Requirements

Is your Texas Core Curriculum Complete?

If yes, then that will be honored here at UH-Clear Lake. The Transfer Advising team is here to ensure that your core courses are utilized here.   

If you have not fulfilled your Texas core curriculum requirements, you do not need to complete those courses at a community college before transferring to UHCL. However, if you do complete the Core Curriculum at any public college or university in Texas, then we will guarantee those to be accepted here.  

The Transfer Advisors are well versed in the Texas Core Curriculum policies. 

Are you transferring college courses from a non-Texas public college or university?

If yes, then please know that the Transfer Advising team is here to assist you as well. We will guide you through understanding which courses are accepted, and which courses may need further evaluation.  We provide guidance on how to obtain your past syllabi and then will guide you to then complete this form: 

Core Curriculum Evaluation Request

Once your syllabi have been uploaded. They will then be routed to the Program Chair/Director to review for Texas Core applicability.    

UHCL offers courses that will satisfy each of the core curriculum component areas: communications; mathematics; life and physical science; language, philosophy and culture; creative arts; U.S. history; government/political science; social and behavioral science; and component area requirements.

The link below outlines the courses at UHCL that will satisfy each of the core component areas:

Core Curriculum Requirements


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