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Your educational plans are important to you and that's why they are important to us.

Our academic transfer advisers will guide you through your current and/or previous college courses for an easy, straightforward transfer when you’re ready to transition to the University of Houston-Clear Lake. Don’t waste money and time on unnecessary courses!  Meet with a UHCL Academic Adviser today to learn how your courses apply toward your major here at UHCL.

If you are not quite sure which major at University of Houston-Clear Lake best fits with your interests, aptitude, and career goals then we recommend completing the MyMajors Quiz.

Academic advising can be as formal or as informal as you like. Here are some of the benefits:

After you're admitted, we'll work with you to make sure that you select the right courses for your first semester at UHCL. We then transition you to one of the academic advisers within the individual College that houses your degree program. The College Adviser will provide the necessary assistance for selecting future classes, and navigating the academic resources that equip you with the tools you need to be successful here at UHCL.

Meet the Transfer Advisers

  Kristi Rickman

I grew up in a rural area in Southeastern Oklahoma on a 280 acre horse ranch and farm. I did not watch television or even own a radio growing up, and the closest store was 15 miles away.  So I was very sheltered from the outside world and I had no concept about what to expect or how to prepare for college. I spent the majority of my free time outside feeding, training our animals, and maintaining our property. I could break a horse to ride, train show lambs, administer shots, build a fence, but sitting down and reading was not my preference or my strength. “College” and “Kristi” were never mentioned in the same sentence until my senior year in high school which was when I was told I would be attending Oklahoma State University in August which was a complete shock to me. I was terrified.

I was taught to work hard and give 100% which is what I did, but I quickly discovered that I was not academically prepared for college, and failed out after the first year.

I gathered up my pride and returned home with the intentions of working as a ranch hand at our ranch for the rest of my life, and never stepping foot on a college campus again. I also secured a part-time job in town as a chiropractor assistant. After approximately two years, my boss and co-workers encouraged me to look into earning my Associate’s Degree in Business Management at Paris Junior College which was an 86 mile round-trip. I gave college another try, and I am so thankful I did.

After taking a keyboarding class, a computer class, developmental reading, and a couple developmental math classes, I began earning A’s and my confidence increased more after each successful completion. After a few semesters, I switched over from the Applied Associates track to the Associate of Science track in order to transfer to Texas A&M University-Commerce in order to complete my Bachelor of Science in Psychology.

I successfully transferred to A&M-Commerce, and I not only completed my Bachelors, I also completed a Master of Science degree in Professional Counseling with a specialization in Student Affairs Practices in Higher Education.

I dedicated my life to helping college students find their path, and achieving their educational goals. I am particularly motivated when I am able to assist a student who has experienced challenges with college, and they walk away from my office with options and a plan to achieve their goals. I just enjoy helping others, if you need assistance, and you are not sure where to go, contact me!

  Guillermo Rodriguez

My name is Guillermo Rodriguez.  I am originally from Ciudad Juárez, México, but I lived most of my life in El Paso, Texas.

From a very young age, my parents stressed the importance of education and encouraged me to pursue my educational goals.  As a result, I had the opportunity to select from several out-of-town universities to continue my education after high school.  It was difficult to leave my family and home for a place I had never been, but I finally decided to go to University of Notre Dame in Indiana. 

Although attending college was a life-changing experience, it was not an easy transition for me.  I began my college experience as a pre-med science major, but I quickly learned that a medical career was not for me.  I soon became frustrated and discouraged about my future; however, an excellent academic adviser guided me to new opportunities that I had never considered.  Sitting around and drinking coffee with her, I discovered my passion for my culture and history.

n 1998, I graduated from Notre Dame with a degree in history and Spanish.  It was a great milestone in my family as I was the first to attend and graduate from college, and it paved the way for my younger brothers and sister to do the same.  After graduation, I was uncertain about what I was going to do next.  I returned to El Paso, where I looked for opportunities to give back to my community.  I soon began to work at the local community college tutoring students in reading and writing while I pursued graduate studies in history.

As a writing tutor, I had the opportunity to work closely with students from many different backgrounds, and I appreciated the effort that each of them continuously put in to reach their goals.  I quickly became hooked on helping students achieve their goals, and I began to pursue a career that would allow me to do this full time. This passion to help students has brought me to University of Houston–Clear Lake as an academic transfer adviser.

  Ruby Villegas

I am a first - generation university graduate, the eldest of four siblings with parents who instilled in me the idea that education is the key to opening an infinite number of doors. Like most of you I did not go straight to college after high school. I took a year off to help my family with a precarious situation; but kept the goal in mind that after one year I was going to start college.

At the end of the year, when the situation at home returned to normal, I enrolled at Houston Community College. I focused on my basics at first; I believe it’s the safest path to take when you’re undecided about a major. After my first semester of college, I started to look for a job on campus. I worked with the Student Activities Office for two years and then had the opportunity to work in the Counseling Department as an office clerk, while also completing my Associate in Arts and transferring to University of Houston.

By the time I made it to UH, I was certain I wanted to pursue a career in business, so I applied to Bauer College of Business and continued with my undergraduate degree. But as the semesters passed and I continued working in the Counseling Department at HCC, I was exposed to the immense number of roles an academic counselor or academic adviser has in a student’s college experience. I had found my calling! Meanwhile, reality kicked in, and after going over the classes I had completed and needed to complete with an adviser at UH, I was too far along in my degree in business administration to change majors. I graduated from UH with a BBA, but with the notion that I wanted to pursue a career in helping others in an academic environment.

After graduation, I got the opportunity to work as an academic adviser at HCC, and loved every minute of it. I understood the questions and doubts of every new, current and transfer student I met. One of the many rewards of this profession is guiding individuals and seeing the end result at their graduation ceremony.

I have been privileged to work at a two year community college and now at University of Houston-Clear Lake, where I can continue working with students and guiding them in achieving their academic goals.

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