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Prospective Transfer Student Advising

Plan a Smooth Transition to UHCL

Our academic transfer advisors will guide you to an easy, straightforward transfer to University of Houston-Clear Lake. Don't waste money and time on unnecessary courses!

Online Tools

Transfer Equivalency Guides by Major
See exactly what classes you can take through your local community college that will be accepted in transfer towards your desired desired major here at UHCL.

MyMajors Quiz
Explore majors at University of Houston-Clear Lake that best fit your interests, academic abilities, and goals.

Transfer Credit Estimator
See how your classes and credits will apply toward your major at UHCL. 
**Due to the nature of international credit, we are unable to evaluate credit from international institutions at this time through the Transfer Credit Estimator.  International credit will be evaluated through our current formal evaluation process found under Step 3.

Talk to an Advisor

Academic advising can be as formal or as informal as you like. Here are some of the benefits:

  • Talk with us about your plans and long-term career goals.
  • Understand your degree requirements listed in the Undergraduate Catalog.
  • Learn how your previous college course work will transfer to UHCL.
  • Join our Hawk Connection program.
  • Discuss your MyMajors results and how your transfer credits best align to those majors.

Connect with a transfer advisor as a prospective transfer student:

  1. Complete the online Transfer Credit Estimator (TCE) and set up your profile.
  2. Email us the following:
    1. Your unofficial transcript(s)
    2. The degree program you are most interested in pursuing
    3. Any specific questions about your TCE results

We will respond by email to help guide you toward both your preferred degree program and your long-term goals.

After emailing us, you may also schedule a one-on-one appointment:

After you're admitted, we'll help you select the right courses for your first semester at UHCL. Visit our Admitted Transfer Student Advising page for next steps after you secure admission to UHCL.

Ready to apply for Admission?

Visit the Transfer Admissions page for more information on the application, deadlines, and GPA requirements.

Meet the Transfer Advising Team

Malcolm Jamal, Sr., Senior Academic Transfer Advisor

Background: I started at UHCL in March 2023, and prior to my current role, I worked at the University of Northern Iowa, the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and the University of Houston. I have worked in several roles in higher education, from teaching history-related Global Studies courses to working in Financial Aid, Admissions, the Multi-Cultural Center, and a TRIO program called Student Support Services. I strongly believe in gaining cross-cultural skills while in college through study abroad and engaging with those from other countries.  
Why I Chose to be an Advisor: I was a non-traditional transfer student who had difficulty adapting to college straight out of high school but benefited from advisors and mentors who encouraged me through difficult times. The help I received from my advisors played a significant role in why I decided on a career as an advisor. I believe every student should utilize their advisors and seek out mentors. The most exciting aspect of being an advisor is to be a part of the process when a student decides nothing will stop them from accomplishing their goals.  
Favorite Food: Smoothies and vegetarian Thai red curry. 
Hobbies: Outside of work, I love spending time with my children and following Chicago and Houston sports. I am a huge hip-hop fan; Jay-Z is my favorite artist, and I am an avid chess player. 

Fun Fact: I have been to Africa three times!

Diana Leggins, Office Assistant

Background: I am a native Houstonian.  I began my college education at a four-year university right after high school.  However, I didn’t fare well during that time. I decided to join the workforce but my desire to further my education lingered on.  I returned to college some 15 years later, while working a full-time job, first taking a few classes at San Jacinto College.  I then attended College of the Mainland where I received my associates in Criminal Justice.  I did well academically, making the Dean’s List every semester.  I was recognized in the 1996 Talent Roster of Outstanding Community College Students.  I was encouraged by one of my instructors at COM to pursue my bachelor’s degree.  I was admitted at University of Houston-Downtown where I continued doing well academically, making the Dean’s List and becoming a member of Alpha Phi Sigma. I received my bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice in 1999.  I am also a First Generation college graduate.  I retired after 21 years in the criminal justice field, and was a member of the American Criminal Justice Association Lambda Alpha Epsilon.

Why I Chose to Work in Advising: I began working for UHCL part-time in 2014 for the Freshman & Sophomore advising office.  When that department was dissolved, I was offered a full-time position in the Academic Transfer Advising department.  I enjoy working in Transfer Advising because the advisors are awesome!  They have a heart for serving the students to make sure the transfer process is as seamless as possible.  The Two-Step advising process is a tool that benefits the students to ensure they are given the necessary information to proceed in registering for the appropriate classes in a timely manner.  My job is to assist both the students and the advisors in onboarding the students by preparing the spreadsheet and sending the appropriate emails to students.  Should students call our office, my voice will probably be the one they hear on the other end.

Favorite Food: Cajun food

Hobbies: I love cruising; I’ve been on 37 cruises thus far.  I love binge-watching Netflix and Hulu.

Fun fact: I was a member of the Harris County Community Emergency Response Team.

Kelly Molinario, Senior Academic Transfer Advisor

Background: I was born in St. Louis, Missouri, and raised in the St. Louis Metro East Area on the other side of the Mississippi River in Southwestern Illinois.  I attended Louisiana State University and graduated in 2008 with a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature.  

Why I Chose to be an Advisor:  I didn’t choose advising—it chose me!  When I started at university I selected my major based on my passion, but I had no clue what I wanted to do with my life, or what I wanted to do for a career after graduating.  I was first introduced to the field of academic advising when I accepted a position as Customer Service Representative at the Transfer Advising Office at UHCL.  After a few years in that role, I realized that Transfer Advising was my passion and talent—so now instead of feeling lost, I have discovered my true calling in guiding transfer students and helping them discern their academic pathways.

Favorite Food: My favorite foods are Italian, Thai, and Indian.  I also love ramen and udon.  I am obsessed with pasta and noodles of all kinds!

Hobbies: Some of my hobbies include games (especially card games, strategy games, party games, and Magic the Gathering); live music (especially electronic music); listening to true crime and literary analysis podcasts; watching period dramas; and hanging out with my son and my two rescue dalmatians.

Fun Fact: I have a passion for 19th century literature, especially English novels and tragic novels.  I also love Fantasy literature and am obsessed with A Song of Ice and Fire by George R.R. Martin and his related writings, as well as the Game of Thrones and House of the Dragon TV shows.

Rita Patel, Senior Academic Advisor, Pearland Campus

Background:  I moved to Houston when I was three years old with my parents and brother, and was raised in Southwest Houston. I received my Bachelor of Science degree from UH-Downtown in 1999.

Why I Chose to be an Advisor:  It was by accident that I found this career. I was volunteering with University Advising at UHD during Christmas break and they offered me a job when the next semester started.  I became one of the first Peer Advisors at UHD and when I graduated, they offered me a full-time job in Distance Education Advising and here I am!

Favorite Food:  I love Italian food and could eat it all the time but my absolute favorite is a good Butter Chicken and Naan (Indian Food).

Hobbies:  I like to read, bake, and travel.

Fun Fact: I love musicals (live ones and movies).

Kristi Rickman, Director, Transfer Advising & Student Transitions

I grew up in a rural area in Southeastern Oklahoma on a 280-acre horse ranch and farm. I did not watch television or even own a radio growing up, and the closest store was 15 miles away. So I was very sheltered from the outside world and I had no concept about what to expect or how to prepare for college. I spent the majority of my free time outside feeding, training our animals, and maintaining our property. I could break a horse to ride, train show lambs, administer shots, build a fence, but sitting down and reading was not my preference or my strength. "College" and "Kristi" were never mentioned in the same sentence until my senior year in high school which was when I was told I would be attending Oklahoma State University in August which was a complete shock to me. I was terrified.

I was taught to work hard and give 100% which is what I did, but I quickly discovered that I was not academically prepared for college, and failed out after the first year.

I gathered up my pride and returned home with the intentions of working as a ranch hand at our ranch for the rest of my life, and never stepping foot on a college campus again. I also secured a part-time job in town as a chiropractor assistant. After approximately two years, my boss and co-workers encouraged me to look into earning my Associate's Degree in Business Management at Paris Junior College which was an 86 mile round-trip. I gave college another try, and I am so thankful I did.

After taking a keyboarding class, a computer class, developmental reading, and a couple developmental math classes, I began earning A's and my confidence increased more after each successful completion. After a few semesters, I switched over from the Applied Associates track to the Associate of Science track in order to transfer to Texas A&M University-Commerce in order to complete my Bachelor of Science in Psychology.

I successfully transferred to A&M-Commerce, and I not only completed my Bachelors, I also completed a Master of Science degree in Professional Counseling with a specialization in Student Affairs Practices in Higher Education.

I dedicated my life to helping college students find their path, and achieving their educational goals. I am particularly motivated when I am able to assist a student who has experienced challenges with college, and they walk away from my office with options and a plan to achieve their goals. I just enjoy helping others, if you need assistance, and you are not sure where to go, contact me!

Guillermo Rodriguez, Senior Academic Transfer Advisor

Background: I am originally from Ciudad Juárez, México, and I grew up in El Paso, Texas. I was the first in my family to go to a university, and I graduated from the University of Notre Dame in Indiana with a Bachelor's degree in History and Spanish. I have been an academic transfer advisor at UHCL for 15 years.

Why I Became an Advisor: Although attending college was a life-changing experience, it was not an easy transition for me.I had an excellent academic advisor who guided me to new opportunities that I had never considered.  I quickly became hooked on helping students achieve their goals, and I began to pursue a career that would allow me to do this full time. This passion to help students has brought me to University of Houston-Clear Lake as an academic transfer advisor.

Favorite Food: I love Greek and Mediterranean food. I am also always looking for the best burger!

Hobbies: I enjoy Broadway musicals.  I am into video games and board games. I am a huge futbol (soccer) and college basketball fan. 

Fun Fact: I am learning to play the ukulele.

Jess Sunga, Academic Transfer Advisor

Background: I was born in Manila, Philippines and immigrated to Texas when I was ten years old. I graduated from the University of Houston with a Bachelor's in Communications with a concentration in Public Relations and a minor in Business Administration.   
Why I Chose to be an Advisor: I chose to be a Transfer Advisor because prior to attending the University of Houston, I obtained an associate’s degree at San Jacinto College, so I have firsthand experience of transitioning from a community college to a university setting. I feel passionate about guiding transfer students through this daunting process because I was in their place once and I know how intimidating the shift can be, but with proper guidance, I was able to adjust to university life. I hope to provide the same ease and reassurance to my students.   
Favorite Food: A medium rare steak 
Hobbies: Reading, writing, exercising, traveling, and attending concerts 
Fun Fact: I love to read and I am a huge fan of Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, and the Song of Ice and Fire series. 

Aspen Truman, Peer Advisor

Background: I was born and raised in Texas and have been living in South Houston since I was in 2nd grade. Both sides of my family are of Sicilian descent and although most of my family now lives in the U.S., we have been keeping our heritage alive as I have grown up through our food, music, and traditions. For my education, I started attending college at San Jac South and transferred to UHCL to continue my Bachelors of Science in Psychology.

Why I Chose to Work in Advising: First and foremost, I love my team! The support and dedication our office has to both prospective students and transfer students is unmatched. I enjoy being a helping hand to those who are seeking to attend this university by providing my own personal experiences here on campus, important information about the transfer process, and setting up connections with our advisors.

Favorite Food: It is so hard for me to pick because I love all types of food! But my top two would have to be Sushi, and of course, my family’s traditional Sicilian dishes (Arancini, Focaccia, Pasta, Biscotti, Cassatelle).

Hobbies: I enjoy cooking for my friends and family, thrifting, listening to a wide variety of music, playing bass guitar, being in nature, travelling to new places, and learning about different cultures.

Fun Fact: I am the eldest of five sisters and my husband and I are high school sweethearts.



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