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Academic Suspension and F-1 Status

What is Academic Suspension?

If you are on academic probation and your semester GPA falls below the required 2.0 for undergraduates or 3.0 for graduate students, you will be placed on academic suspension. If you are suspended, you will not be able to enroll, audit or visit classes for a period of time, as follows:

When can you return to UHCL?

Suspension at the end of First Suspension Second Suspension Third Suspension
Fall Following Summer Spring of the Following Academic Year Determined on Appeal
Spring Following Fall Summer of the Following Academic Year Determined on Appeal
Summer Following Spring Fall of the Following Academic Year Determined on Appeal

Academic Suspension and Your F-1 Status

If your first suspension occurs at the end of the spring semester, you will not be allowed to enroll for summer. There are no legal implications for you since summer enrollment is not required by U.S. immigration law to maintain F-1 status.

But, if your first suspension occurs at the end of the fall or summer semester, or if you are suspended for a second or third time, you will be in violation of F-1 Regulations. Once on suspension, you are required to meet with your international student advisor to discuss your options. Potentially, you may have to leave the United States for a period of time, if you are unable to transfer to another institution and enroll full-time at that institution.

Reinstatement Process

Before you can return to UHCL after serving your suspension period, you must:

  • Determine if you will remain in the degree program that you were previously enrolled in. If you are not seeking to change majors upon your return, you will need to submit a request for reinstatement to the associate dean of your school. If you intend to change your degree program, you will need to make your reinstatement petition to the associate dean in the school of your desired program.
    Your written request should address the circumstance that led to your academic difficulties, how your circumstances have changed and what are the steps you intend to take to improve your academic performance if you are readmitted. Attached to your request should be a copy of transcripts showing your academic history at other institutions that you might have attended while under suspension.
  • Request academic transcripts from other institutions you have attended during your absence from UHCL be sent to the Office of International Admissions & Student Services. 
  • Submit a new admissions application and pay the appropriate application fee, if you are applying for reinstatement after a year of non-enrollment at UHCL. 
  • Visit with your International Student Advisor at least 90 days prior to the semester you wish to return to UHCL to ensure you give all agencies ample time to process your request.

After Reinstatement

Once you are reinstated, your academic standing will change from academic suspension to academic probation. You will be placed under mandatory academic counseling until you return to good standing. This means that as long as you are on probation you will have a registration hold that will prevent you from registering for classes until you visit with your academic advisor.


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