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Offer and Employment Accepted

Offer letter may contain a moving allowance. If it does, then the department administrator should send the prospective employee a copy of SAM 03.A.13 containing moving company information. The employee can choose their mover based upon this information.

Prospective Employee Choice of Mover

The new hire has the option of paying for their move and seeking reimbursement (while complying with the SAM above) or requesting a purchase order for direct payment by the university. Any amount in excess of their relocation allowance is payable directly by the employee.


Whether the employee is reimbursed or the university pays the moving company directly the relocation cost is deemed taxable income to the employee.

Other Cost

Additional relocation costs such as house-hunting, temporary lodging and storage are reimbursable to the employee by Accounts Payable, following university guidelines.

Relocation Timing

Relocation is defined as moving expenses while in transit from the employee's former location to their new location, up to the first day of employment at UHCL.


Receipts are required for all expense reimbursement requests.

Table of Allowable Expenses

Allowable Relocation Expenses

Suggested Accounts

Direct Payment to Moving Company (54806)

House-hunting (56122)

Other Relocation Expenses (56121)



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