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General User Policies

The following is a partial list of RWC policies related to frequently asked questions. Download the full General User Policies and Procedures for more information.

General User Policies and Procedures

Risks and Liability

Risk of Injury

There is risk of personal injury in all physical activity. Use of the RWC is voluntary and considered at your own risk.

Our policies are designed to provide a safe, fun, and welcoming environment for all members, regardless of ability or experience levels.

Annual Waiver of Liability of Indemnification

All UHCL students and RWC members must complete the online Liability Agreement, Indemnification Release, and PAR-Q form through the Fusion portal RWConnect prior to their first visit.

These forms can be completed in-person at the RWC on your first visit at the Welcome Desk and our staff will assist you.

All waivers are valid from September 1 through August 31 of the next year and must be done annually. Additional waivers may be required for services or programs throughout the year.

Facility Access

Facility Access for Enrolled Students

If you are currently enrolled at any UHCL location, including UHCL at Pearland, UHCL Texas Medical Center, or online, you are already a member of the Recreation and Wellness Center. Your membership is paid with a dedicated student fee as part of tuition and fees.

Facility Access for Non-Students

A membership, guest pass, or day pass is required for all RWC users.

The RWC offers memberships for non-UHCL students. All membership information is on the Member Services page.

Minors Under Age 18

We offer membership options for minors ages 16-17 and minors ages 5-15. Minors age 4 and under may accompany an adult member, with certain restrictions.

Read more on our Minor Membership and Access page.

Facility Usage

Apparel Requirements

The following apparel policies help protect our patrons and facilities.

Upper and lower body clothing requirements:

  • Proper attire, upper and lower body clothing must be worn at all times in all public areas.
  • Upper body: all patrons are required to wear, at minimum, a shirt or sports bra at all times. There are no other restrictions for upper body clothing.
  • Bottoms must cover the entire buttocks and groin area when exercising or moving.
  • Apparel must be made of athletic material
  • Denim and non-workout apparel is allowed in court spaces and the track areas, but is restricted on fitness equipment.

Footwear Requirements:

  • Athletic, non-marking, close-toed shoes are required throughout the facility.
  • Shoes must be worn at all times within the RWC, unless an RWC-approved program allows for no shoes. Examples include Yoga or Pilates group fitness classes.
  • Non-athletic, closed-toed shoes are allowed to be worn on the courts and track areas.

Cleaning Expectations

Patrons are expected to wipe down equipment before and after use. Gym wipes are available throughout the facility.

RWC staff clean all equipment padding, handles, and frames multiple times daily using a Simple Green solution. This diluted mixture helps remove oil, grease, sweat, and other bodily fluids.

Equipment Check-out

Provide your UHCL ID or member ID number to check out equipment and again to check in equipment at the Welcome Desk.

All equipment must be checked out and checked in at the Welcome Center.

Patrons will be charged for any lost, damaged, or unreturned equipment.

Strength Training

All weight training should be performed in a controlled and safe manner.

Collars must be used on all weight bar lifts using plates.

Weights must be released in a controlled manner. Slamming, dropping, or bouncing weights is prohibited.

Spotting assistance can be requested from a Fitness Assistant as needed.

Re-rack all weights and bars int he correct location following use.

Cardio Equipment

Weights or other fitness equipment may not be taken out of their designated fitness zone and are not allowed on cardio machines.

Please be courteous during peak time and limit your use of cardio equipment to 30 minutes if others are waiting.

Indoor Track

Track lane designation:

  • Inside lane - walking
  • Middle lane - passing/jogging
  • Outside lane - running

Follow the daily direction displayed around the track.

"Soft weights" like sandbags, carry bags and GRIPR weights are allowed to be used on the inside lane, and they must be carried at all times.

"Hard weights," like weight plates or kettlebells, are not allowed to be carried on the track.

Perform stretching and mat-work in designated areas only. Do not interfere with or create any obstacles on the track.


No food, gum, and similar items allowed beyond the Welcome Center entrance without prior approval.

Water, sports drinks, and protein drink are allowed in the RWC. Use a spill-proof, break-resistant container with a re-sealable lid.

Lost and Found

The RWC and staff members are not responsible for lost or stolen property. Found items should be turned in at the Welcome Center to be logged with our RWC staff.

Valuables will be kept in the RWC for 24 hours, then sent to UHCL Police for safe keeping.

Non-valuables will be kept in the RWC for 60 days then donated or discarded.


Photography and videography is prohibited from all locker rooms and restrooms.

Photos and videos for personal use is allowed. Personal use is defined as photos and videos of self, friends, or family with implied consent.

Taking photos or videos of individuals without their consent is prohibited.

Individuals wishing to take photos or videos for academic, professional, or media use must request permission by emailing


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