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Recreation and Wellness Center (RWC) Member Services

  Free Preview Weekend of the RWC for Alumni

Enjoy access to the Recreation and Wellness Center from August 2 - August 4, 2019 during normal hours of operation.

Departmental programming demonstrations will be offered on Saturday, August 3 between 12 - 3 p.m. and includes demos of multiple group fitness classes, personal training assessments, open recreation sports, kids programming, and a small resource fair featuring information about the Exercise and Nutritional Health Institute (ENHI).

RSVP's are not required, but if you would like more information or to RSVP, complete the link below.

Free Preview Weekend RSVP

Select which dates you would like to RSVP for (you can utilize the facility and programs regardless of what you select here)
Which best describes your current affiliation to UHCL
Please provide the name of any additional guests you may be bringing with you
  UHCL Enrolled Students

If you are a currently enrolled UHCL student, you're already a member of the Recreation and Wellness Center. Your membership is already paid with your tuition and fees.

To access the facility,  log into your account and electronically sign the required waivers and PAR-Q form. Use your single sign on username and password to access your rwconnect account. If you forget to do this prior to your first visit, you can also complete and sign the forms at our Welcome Center. All waivers and forms are valid for one year from September 1 through August 31.

  Continuing and Non-UHCL Students

UHCL continuing students, faculty, staff, retirees, alumni, family, friends and the public may purchase annual or monthly memberships. See Membership details in the information below.

  Free Seven Day Trial for non-UHCL Students

Not sure if a membership is right for you? Try out a seven day free membership. Your free trial membership includes all programming, services, and amenities. Schedule a tour of the facility and a staff member will walk with you through all the spaces and discuss the programs and services we offer.

To sign up for your free trial membership, come in-person to our Member Services desk. A staff member will step you through the sign-up process (similar instructions as in the Purchase Membership In-Person section farther down on this page). After your account is activated, you can start to use the facility. Our staff is always available to assist you, just ask the Welcome Center for assistance.

A parking pass must be purchased for non-UHCL students or employees. The parking pass kiosk is located directly across from the East side entrance of the RWC.

Non-Student Membership Options and Details

  Membership and Related Costs

Memberships may be purchased as a(n):

  • Annual membership - one time payment in full and is valid for 365 days from date of purchase.

  • Semester membership - only available for current or continuing UHCL students. All other memberships are either annual or monthly.

  • Monthly membership - UHCL employee payroll deduction or recurring credit card payments. Cash and check can be accepted in our Member Services office only.

    Monthly memberships cost more than the one-time payment in full annual memberships.

Member ID: After purchasing a membership, you will be given a non-UHCL member ID card. Replacement for this ID card is $10 and can be purchased and picked-up at our Member Services desk in RWC 203.

Parking: Parking is not included in any Recreation and Wellness membership cost. Parking can be purchased online at

Classification Annual Semester Monthly
UHCL Currently Enrolled Student Campus Recreation and Wellness Fee
Spouse/Partner of Enrolled Student $330 N/A $27.50
UHCL Continuing Student  N/A $110 $27.50
UHCL Faculty, Staff & Retirees $330 N/A $32.50*
UHCL Alumni Since Fall 2016 (expires May 2020) $330 N/A $27.50
Lifetime Alumni Member $360 N/A $32.50*
Non-Lifetime Alumni $390 N/A $35*
Adult Family/Friend of UHCL student, employee, retiree, or alumni

Same rate as sponsor member

Required: Register in-person in RWC203 with member services staff. Sponsor must be present at time of registration.

Max of four sponsored family or friends per eligible member.

Corporate Sponsor Members $420 to $600 N/A $32.50 to $40
Community Members $480 N/A $40
Minor Dependent of Member, Ages 5 - 17: Dependent must always be accompanied by sponsoring member and has restricted access during Fall and Spring semesters. $180 N/A $15
Guest Passes Two passes per semester, per member
Day Passes $10 per pass, max of four day passes per day
Locker Rental (day-use lockers are free on a daily basis) $60 $20 N/A
Shower Towel Service (workout towels are free)  $60 $20  N/A
Group Fitness Pass (for students) No additional charge for Spring 2019 unless it is a specialty class.
Group Fitness Pass (for non-students) No additional charge for Spring 2019 unless it is a specialty class.
  Purchase Membership Online 

1. Go to
If you are not a current UHCL student (alumni, community member, etc.), faculty or staff member, skip to Step 4. If you are a current UHCL student, faculty or staff, go to Step 2:

2. Click Log In (top right corner).

3. Enter your UHCL username only - don't include uhcl@edu.

If you have difficulty logging in, please contact the UCT Support Desk at 281-283-2828 or

4. Click Sign Up.

5. Complete your registration.

6. Select Memberships.

7. Select Membership Options > Membership Duration

Note: Payroll deduction automatically continues until the Payroll Deduction Cancellation form is submitted to April Harris, Coordinator for Business and Member Services and must be delivered in person or through campus mail.

8. Select Add to Cart > Checkout.

Non-UHCL members must stop by the Member Services desk on their first visit to create a membership card in RWC 203.

  Purchase Membership In-Person 

In-person membership sales can only be done Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. till 5:00 p.m. in the Rec and Wellness Admin suite, RWC 203, with our Member Services staff.

All seven day free trial memberships must be purchased from the Member Services desk located in RWC 203 and during normal business hours Monday through Friday, 8-5 p.m. Seven day trial memberships are limited to one per person. 

1. Go to the Welcome Center.

2. Tell our Welcome Center staff you would like to purchase a membership. You will be directed to the Member Services desk in RWC 203.

3. A Member Services assistant will ask you to complete the necessary forms and application online.

4. When your registration is complete, payment can be made online or at the Member Services desk.

5. Your account is active immediately once you get your membership ID.

  Required Waivers and PAR-Q

All members must complete and electronically sign the following forms by logging into their account:

  1. UHCL Annual Waiver of Liability
  2. Departmental PAR-Q form
  3. Photo Release Waiver

The forms are valid for one year, from September 1 - August 31. Additional waivers may be required depending on the activity.

  Continuing Student and Non-Student Membership Details

Continuing UHCL Students

  • Students not currently enrolled in classes do not have membership to the Recreation and Wellness Center. A continuing student is one who has been enrolled in UHCL the previous semester and is scheduled to be enrolled the following semester. This includes students who are skipping a semester or skipping the summer sessions with plans to return in the fall.

  • Summer 2019 membership for continuing students will be $110 for the entire summer. You MUST purchase this membership in person at the Member Services Desk in the Rec and Wellness Center, room 203 during normal business hours. The $110 will be prorated daily for those students who need to purchase partial memberships if they are enrolled in only part of summer classes. 
  • If you are enrolled in a May mini or Summer 1 class, your dedicated fee is included in your bill and you have access to the Rec and Wellness Center until your class ends. If you are only enrolled in Summer II, you can purchase a partial membership to cover the time period before your class begins in July.
  • If you are a continuing UHCL student, you are eligible for Recreation and Wellness membership for no more than one semester and pay the current student rate.

  • Students who are called to active duty by a branch of the United States Armed Forces, and would like to maintain their membership, are eligible to purchase a Continuing Student Membership at the current monthly student rate. Documentation of the call to active military duty and university withdrawal is required.

Active Military Duty Service

  • Students who withdraw from the university due to being called to active military duty by a branch of the US Armed Forces but would like to maintain their RWC membership are eligible to purchase a Continuing Student Membership at the current monthly or semester rate. Documentation of the call to active duty and university withdrawal is required.

UHCL Faculty, Staff and Retirees

  • Look for Free Preview Week(s) at the start of each semester to try out programming and take advantage of events. These free preview weeks are generally in conjunction with Weeks of Welcome.

  • A free seven day trial membership is available to any UHCL Faculty and Staff  outside of the free preview week(s). Come in-person to the Member Services desk and you can sign-up. Seven day trial memberships are limited to one per person. 
  • UHCL employees who are Recreation and Wellness members can apply for Fitness Release Time at no additional cost. Give your completed form to your supervisor for approval before taking any time off. 

    Note: Campus Recreation and Wellness does not accept the fee for fitness release time requests for a non-UHCL facility membership.

  • UHCL retirees must secure a UHCL ID card from Human Resources that indicates their former employment status prior to completing their membership.

    Retirees are any previous faculty or staff members who retired directly from UHCL.

UHCL Alumni

  • UHCL Alumni, Fall 2016 - August 2018 Graduates
    Through May 2020, any fall 2016 - August 2018 graduate pays the same rate as the current monthly student. This group of alumni paid the dedicated student fee prior to the facility being available for use. Thank you for supporting the construction and development of the Recreation and Wellness Center.

  • UHCL Lifetime Alumni Members
    UHCL graduates who purchased the UHCL Lifetime Alumni Membership are eligible to purchase a membership at a lower rate than non-lifetime alumni members. Parking is NO LONGER included in the lifetime alumni membership and must be purchased separately through UHCL Parking Services.

  • UHCL Non-Lifetime Alumni Members
    UHCL graduates who have not purchased the UHCL Lifetime Alumni Membership are eligible to purchase a membership.

Adult Family/Friends of UHCL student, employee, retiree or alumni

  • A UHCL student, employee, retiree, or alumni can "sponsor" up to FOUR adult family members or friends to become a member of the Recreation and Wellness Center. The membership rate for the adult family/friend member(s) will be the same rate as the sponsoring member (i.e. student sponsored family and friends pay the student rate, staff family and friends pay the employee rate). 

  • Adult family and friend memberships can be purchased without the "sponsoring" member purchasing a membership. 

  • These memberships must be sold in person. The "sponsor" must be present at the time of the sale.

Minor Dependents of Members

Recreation and Wellness members may purchase membership for minor dependents age 5 - 17. This membership does have access and space restrictions.

  • Parent or guardian must have a valid membership.

  • Minors must be accompanied at all times by the parent or guardian.

  • Minors access is restricted in the fall and spring semesters. Access hours are limited to 3 p.m. on Fridays through close on Sundays or during events specifically marked as "full access" or "open to all". 

  • Minors can access the RWC during all operational hours during the summer, starting from the Monday following spring graduation through Sunday prior to the start of fall classes. Minors can also access the RWC during all extended academic breaks (Winter Break, Spring Break).

  • Minors are not allowed to use fitness zones, fitness equipment, or programming intended for UHCL students or adult members at any time.

  • Patrons with children under the age of five (5) may only bring them into the facility in the fall and spring semesters between 3 p.m. on Fridays through close on Sunday. Strollers are allowed on the track area only.

Exercise and Nutritional Health Institute (ENHI)

  • The Exercise and Nutritional Health Institute (ENHI) is a community-based initiative led by the exercise and health sciences academic program and provides resources, expert guidance and research-based support to help people in Bay Area Houston stay on track toward regaining their strength and health.

  • The ENHI is not under the Department of Campus Recreation and Wellness. ENHI is conducted by the Exercise and Health Sciences department within the College of Human Sciences and Humanities.

  • Memberships for ENHI are purchased through the Department of Campus Recreation.

  • For more information about ENHI, please visit the ENHI website or email

Corporate Sponsor Members

  • Companies or businesses that become corporate partners of UHCL Campus Recreation and Wellness will have access to a pre-determined number of memberships, which will have a discounted community rate and can be purchased by employees or partners of the company or business.

  • Corporate sponsors have a wide range of opportunities to engage and collaborate with our department. The number of discounted community memberships is dependent on the level of giving. Contact University Advancement to learn more.

  • Corporate sponsor members must pass a background check before they are eligible to purchase a membership. Parking must be purchased separately.

Community Members

  • Any individual can purchase a membership with Campus Recreation and Wellness. Parking is not included in the membership and must be purchased separately though UHCL Parking Services. You would receive an Recreation and Wellness membership ID card on your first visit.
  Guest and Day Passes
  • Members are allowed two free guest passes per semester. Guest passes do not transfer from one semester to the next and are not allowed to be transferred to another member.

  • Sponsors are required to be with their guest at all times and are responsible for any issues related to their guests. Sponsors are held accountable for any lost, stolen or damaged property or any incidents involving your guest.

  • Guests may not participate in sport club or intramural sports events. Guests may utilize Group Fitness classes that are open to all users, but may not access special event or designated Group Fitness classes (group fitness pass required).

  • Members can purchase day passes for their guests if they have used all of their available guest passes. Day passes are $10/guest and sponsors are limited to no more than four passes per day. These $10 day passes can be purchased online through 
  Personal Care Assistants (PCA)

PCAs are eligible to access the Recreation and Wellness Center in order to aid someone with their physical activity. The PCA is required to sign a waiver, membership form, and have their picture taken for a Campus Recreation Volunteer ID Card.

PCAs can access the Recreation and Wellness Center only during times accompanying the individual needing assistance, remaining with the individual needing assistance. PCAs can attend various events and programs offered by Campus Recreation to assist those in need.

PCAs are not allowed to work out or use the facility for their own benefit when accessing the facility to assist their client.

  Non-Student Membership Cancellations

Non-Student Membership Cancellation Fee

Any annual, payroll deduction or recurring credit card payment membership that is canceled within six months of the original purchase is subject to a $50 cancellation fee.

Non-Student Membership Cancellation Form

To submit a request for non-student membership cancellation, please submit the online form below. It will take up to three business days to process the membership. No refunds will be granted for already processed monthly memberships or partial months.

Provide the name of the member wishing to cancel their membership
Provide the member ID number (Employee ID number or unique non-UHCL member ID)
Member phone number
Member email address
Date of cancellation request
Type of membership
Please provide information as to why you wish to cancel your membership. This information will be used only for training purposes and annual review of policies and protocols.

Refunds are given in two ways: A credit refund to the credit card that was used or a direct deposit. Refunds for non-credit card purchases must be done through direct deposit. For these refunds to be processed through the University of Houston System, UHS requires the following vendor setup forms before departmental processing can begin:

Completed forms must be submitted by fax to UH System Accounts Payable at 713-743-0521. It can take up to four weeks for UH System Accounts Payable to complete your vendor set-up forms. These forms may not be submitted to Campus Recreation and Wellness.

No refunds are available for the following situations:

  • If a student member withdraws from UHCL.
  • If member has been suspended due to a UHCL or Recreation and Wellness Center policy violation during their membership.
  • Non-student monthly membership if processed before a cancellation form was submitted
  • Partial non-student monthly memberships if cancellation is requested at any point.
  • Single use guest passes.
  • Personal training fees.
  • Locker rentals.
  • Shower towel service.
  • Group Fitness pass, if applicable.
  • University parking passes (hourly, daily, semester or annual).
  • Campus Recreation and Wellness


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