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Membership Services

Important COVID-19 Update

Please note, that you need a reservation prior to coming to the facility. Please call 281-283-2330.

For university and health alert updates related to Coronavirus (COVID-19), please visit the UHCL Health Alert webpage.

Member Services

Campus Recreation and Wellness offers a variety of membership options to help you with your fitness and wellness needs! Members benefit from quality facilities and a variety of services and programs. A membership is your ticket to take advantage of the facility amenities, programs, and services hosted  by the Campus Recreation and Wellness Center.

Membership rates and access policies are established to protect the interests of UHCL fee-paying students and UHCL in general. Students at UHCL pay a dedicated fee per semester of $110. Using this fee as a baseline ensures that our non-student members do not pay less than UHCL students.

The Rec Center policies are supported by the Campus Recreation Advisory Board and approved by the Vice President for Student Affairs. Please review all COVID-19 reopening policies as well as our full list of departmental policies is available on our website.

  Spring 2021 Membership Updates and Restrictions Due to COVID-19

UHCL Student Access for Enrolled and Not Enrolled Students

Enrolled Student Access

  • The Recreation and Wellness Center dedicated fee provides access to use the RWC for open recreation, special events, and other free programming opportunities.
  • All enrolled students, regardless of which format of classes a student has decided to take will have access to the RWC during the semester during the times listed in our hours of operation for All Active Members.

Dedicated Recreation and Wellness fee

  • The semester dedicated fee will be charged unless otherwise decided by UHCL administration.
  • Any refunds or partial reimbursements of dedicated fees will be decided by UHCL Administration, not the Department of Campus Recreation and Wellness.
  • The dedicated fee does not cover for fee programs such as personal training or the ProClub group fitness pass. Those fees are available on our website and can be purchased in-person at our Member Services desk or through

Non-Student Access and Memberships

Current active non-student members:

  • Will have access to the RWC during all designated operating hours based on the Hours of Operation which are determined by the phase of reopening.

Potential new members

  • To simplify non-student memberships and due to the financial impact of COVID-19, we have lowered all non-student memberships to be $25/month.
  • Day passes can be purchased by any individual for $5/day to access the facility. No free preview access will be provided until further notice.
  • New memberships can be purchased in-person during operational hours or online at

HHPI members, patrons 55 years or older and Active UHCL employee members:

  • We currently do not have dedicated times for this population at this time.

Suspension of monthly membership fees

  • In the event the RWC should close again during the spring semester, monthly memberships will be suspended if it is prior to the 15th of the month.
  • Should the closure occur after the 15th of a month, email communications will be sent out to all non-student patrons with information related to the process for refunds, extension of membership, or cancellations. We ask that patrons respond directly to the email communications with required information.

Minors Age 17 years and under

  • 16 and 17 year olds:
    • May not access the RWC without a paid membership or day pass.
    • May purchase a full membership and will have access to all RWC spaces.
    • The parent or legal guardian must be present to purchase a membership or day pass.
    • The parent or legal guardian must be present in the RWC at all times and parent or legal guardian does not have to be a member but must remain in the facility at all times.
  • 5 to 15 years old:
    • Will not be allowed to access the RWC until further notice.
    • No new minor dependent memberships will be sold.
    • Any current active dependent memberships will continue to be suspended and not charged until we allow minor access to the RWC.
  • Infant to 4 years old:
    • May be accompanied by their parent or legal guardian while in the facility during operational hours during the summer sessions (June 1 through August 23, 2020).
    • Are restricted to the track or a court space but must be in a stroller or within arms reach of a parent. May not be in any fitness zone area or waiting near a fitness zone while the parent or legal guardian is working out.
    • May not be held or carried by the parent or legal guardian while using fitness equipment.

Guest passes

  • Will not be allowed until further notice.
  • Non-UHCL individuals can purchase full memberships.

Day Passes ($5)

  • Will be sold to non-members and are valid for the calendar date of the purchase.
  • Day passes for minors age 16 and 17 can only be purchased by a parent or legal guardian and that parent or legal guardian must be present in the RWC at all times with the minor.
  • Day passes cannot be purchased for minors ages 5-15.

Trial Memberships

  • Will not be allowed or scheduled until further notice.
  • New memberships will be sold starting September 1, 2020 online at rwconnect and in-person during operational hours.
  UHCL Enrolled Students

If you are a currently enrolled UHCL student, you're already a member of the Recreation and Wellness Center. Your membership is already paid with your tuition and fees. Your dedicated student fee is $110.00 per semester.

To access the facility,  log into your rwconnect account and electronically sign the required waivers and PAR-Q form. Use your single sign on username and password to access your rwconnect account. If you forget to do this prior to your first visit, you can also complete and sign the online forms at our Welcome Center. All waivers and forms are valid for one year from September 1 through August 31.

  Continuing Student and Non-Student Memberships

UHCL continuing students, faculty, staff, retirees, alumni, family, friends and the community may purchase annual or monthly memberships. See Membership details in the information below.

For Spring 2021, any UHCL students who are not enrolled in classes may purchase a continuing student membership for $25/month. It does not matter if your classes are bi-modal or 100% online, your dedicated fee covers your access to the RWC for the semester.

Visit rwconnect for online membership sales for online and  membership sales.

  Free Seven Day Trial for Non-UHCL Students

No free trial memberships will be available until further notice due to reduced hours of operation and space limitations for the Recreation and Wellness Center.

Potential new members can purchase a monthly membership for $25/month  either online at rwconnect or in-person during any hours of operation.

Non-Student Membership Options and Details

  Membership Pricing and Related Costs

Memberships may be purchased as a(n):

  • Annual membership - one time payment in full and is valid for 365 days from date of purchase.
  • Semester membership - only available for current or continuing UHCL students. All other memberships are either annual or monthly.
  • Monthly membership - UHCL employee payroll deduction or recurring credit card payments. Cash and check can be accepted in our Member Services office only. You will pay a pro-rated rate for your first month if you start after the 1st of the month and set-up recurring payments. Your monthly membership fee will be charged on the 15th of each month.
  • Seven day free trial memberships - SUSPENDED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE. Must be purchased in person anytime during operational hours.

Member ID

  • All UHCL students and employees will use their UHCL ID as their membership card. Your student or employee ID number is your membership number.
  • All non-student members, after purchasing a membership, you will be given a non-UHCL member ID card. Replacement for this ID card is $10 and can be purchased and picked-up at our Member Services desk in Rec Center 203.
  • Members may provide their ID number to the Welcome Desk staff for access. As long as there is a photo ID to verify the member, you will be able to access the RWC. If a photo is not on file, you will have the option to have your photo taken and your account updated. The photos can only be updated during normal business hours with our Member Services staff in room 203.


  • Parking is not included in any Recreation and Wellness membership cost and must be purchased separately from the UHCL Parking Office.
  • Effective September 1, 2020, non-student members will be able to purchase an annual parking pass for the price equal to student parking rates. 

Membership Pricing

Classification Monthly Semester Annual
UHCL Currently Enrolled Student Dedicated semester Fee for Campus Recreation and Wellness
UHCL Continuing Student 

Starting September 1,  2020: $25.00/month

Fall/Spring: $110.00


Non-Student Membership Categories

  • UHCL Faculty, Staff & Retirees
  • Family and Friend Member
  • Lifetime Alumni Member
  • Non-Lifetime Alumni
  • Minor Dependent of Member 16-17 years old
  • Community Members

New Rates Begin September 1, 2020




Minor Dependent of Member Ages 5 - 15: Dependent must always be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian and has restricted access during Fall and Spring semesters and are prohibited from using specific areas within the Rec Center. There are also restrictions from specific spaces within the RWC at ALL times. See Minors Access Restrictions below for more detailed information.

Not Available Until Further Notice



Not Available Until Further Notice


Health and Human Performance Institute (HHPI) Member

Please visit the HHPI website for more information.

Guest Passes 

Suspended Until Further Notice

Two passes per semester (fall, spring, summer), per member

Day Passes - Valid for one calendar day. $5 per pass/day
Locker Rental (day-use lockers are free on a daily basis) N/A



Summer =$20


Shower Towel Service (workout towels are free)  N/A

Currently not available



Summer =$20

Currently not available


Limited Access Membership Includes only access to personal training packages and Group Fitness/ProClub passes or other fitness special events or programs.

$0.00 monthly membership fee

Available for non-members to purchase Fitness Services (personal training package, consultations, or Group Fitness Pass).

No facility access is permitted except for training sessions or group fitness classes. No RWC open recreation usage is allowed.

Only valid for the current semester.

  Purchase Membership Online 

1. Go to
If you are not a current UHCL student (alumni, community member, etc.), faculty or staff member, skip to Step 4. If you are a current UHCL student, faculty or staff, go to Step 2:

2. Click Log In (top right corner).

3. Enter your UHCL username only - don't include uhcl@edu.

  • If you have difficulty logging in, please contact the UCT Support Desk at 281-283-2828 or

4. Click Sign Up.

5. Complete your registration.

6. Select Memberships.

7. Select Membership Options > Membership Duration

Note: Payroll deduction automatically continues until the Payroll Deduction Cancellation form is submitted to April Harris, Coordinator for Business and Member Services. The online form is below in Non-Student Membership Cancellation section.

8. Select Add to Cart > Checkout.

  Purchase Membership In-Person 

In-person membership sales can only be done during all operating hours. When you arrive at the RWC, tell our staff at the Welcome Desk you want to purchase a membership and they will assist you in completing the process.

1. Go to the RWC Welcome Center.

2. Tell our Welcome Center staff you would like to purchase a membership. You will be directed to the Member Services desk in Rec Center 203 or assisted by the Operations Manager.

3. A Member Services assistant or Operations Manager will ask you to complete the necessary forms and application online.

4. When your registration is complete, payment can be made online or at the Member Services desk.

5. Your account is active immediately and you will receive your membership ID.

  Required Waivers and PAR-Q

All members must complete and electronically sign the following forms by logging into their rwconnect account:

  1. UHCL Annual Waiver of Liability
  2. Departmental PAR-Q form
  3. Photo Release Waiver

The forms are valid for one year, from September 1 - August 31. Additional waivers may be required depending on the activity.

  Non-Student Membership Details

Continuing UHCL Students

  • Students not currently enrolled in classes do not have an active membership to the Recreation and Wellness Center. A continuing student is one who has been enrolled in UHCL the previous semester and is scheduled to be enrolled the following semester. This includes students who are skipping a semester or skipping the summer sessions with plans to return in the next term.
  • If you are a continuing UHCL student, you are eligible for Recreation and Wellness membership for no more than one semester and pay monthly rates listed in the Membership Costs section.

Non-Student Membership Categories

  • Effective June 1, 2020, all non-student membership options (except HHPI) will be consolidated into a single category. All non-student membership (except for HHPI) will have the same monthly or annual rates listed in the Membership Pricing section. We will still ask for your affiliation to the University (alumni, community, retiree, etc) but that is for data tracking purposes only.
    • UHCL Employee
    • UHCL Alumni
    • Family and Friends
    • Minor Dependent (age 16 and 17)
    • Community 

UHCL Faculty, Staff and Retirees

  • UHCL employees can apply for Fitness Release Time or Wellness Leave at no additional cost. Give your completed form to your supervisor for approval before taking any time off.
  • UHCL retirees must secure a UHCL ID card from Human Resources that indicates their former employment status prior to completing their membership. Retirees are any previous faculty or staff members who retired directly from UHCL.

UHCL Alumni

  • UHCL graduates are eligible to purchase a membership.
  • Parking must be purchased separately through UHCL Parking Services.


  • Any individual can purchase a membership with Campus Recreation and Wellness.
  • All current or former Family and Friends or Spouse members will be reclassified as community members effective June 1, 2020.
  • Parking is not included in the membership and must be purchased separately though UHCL Parking Services.
  • You would receive a Recreation and Wellness membership ID card on your first visit.

Minor Dependent of Member or Non-Member

  • Please see the section below for specifics on minors access and memberships. 
  • There are restrictions on minors based on the age.

Health and Human Performance Institute (HHPI)

  • The Health and Human Performance Institute (HHPI) is a community-based initiative led by the exercise and health sciences academic program and provides resources, expert guidance and research-based support to help people in Bay Area Houston stay on track toward regaining their strength and health.
  • The HHPI program is not under the Department of Campus Recreation and Wellness. HHPI is conducted by the Exercise and Health Sciences department within the College of Human Sciences and Humanities. All membership rates, fitness programs, consultation sessions, personal training are all part of HHPI and not Campus Recreation and Wellness.
  • Memberships for HHPI are purchased through the Department of Campus Recreation.
  • For more information about HHPI, please visit the HHPI website or email
  Guest and Day Passes

Guest Passes

  • No guest passes will be available until further notice. This is due to reduced hours of the facility and capacity limits on patrons.
  • Rec Center members are allowed two free guest passes per semester. Guest passes do not transfer from one semester to the next and are not allowed to be transferred to another member.
  • Sponsors are required to be with their guest at all times and are responsible for any issues related to their guests. Sponsors are held accountable for any lost, stolen or damaged property or any incidents involving your guest.
  • Guests may not participate in sport club or intramural sports events. Guests may utilize Group Fitness classes that are open to all users, but may not access special event or designated Group Fitness classes (group fitness pass required).

Day Passes

  • Day passes will be sold at the new rate of $5/day.
  • Day passes are $5/guest and any adult can purchase one without a sponsor. They will be required to complete all required waivers and make payment through rwconnect or in-person.
  • Day passes are valid for the day they are purchased only.
  • Guests may not participate in sport club or intramural sports events. Guests may utilize Group Fitness classes that are open to all users, but may not access special event or designated ProClub classes (group fitness pass required).
  Minors Access and Usage of the RWC

Minors Ages 16-17

Minors ages 16 to 17 are able to purchase full Rec Center memberships, utilize all spaces within the Rec Center, register and participate in most programming offered through Campus Recreation and Wellness. A parent or legal guardian must be with the minor at the time of the membership purchase and ID verification and proof or relationship can be requested. 

  • 16-17 year dependents must still be accompanied by an adult or legal guardian while at the Rec Center at all times, but that parent or legal guardian is not required to be a member of the facility and may stay in the lobby area.
  • Parking is NOT included in the membership and must be purchased separately through the UHCL Parking Services.
  • Minor dependents will receive a Campus Recreation and Wellness membership ID card printed with their membership.

Minors Ages 5-15

No minors ages 5-15 may use the facility until further notice. No new minor dependent memberships will be sold until further notice.

Recreation and Wellness members may purchase membership for minor dependents age 5 - 15. This membership does have access and space restrictions.

  • Parent or guardian must have a valid Rec Center membership.
  • Minor members ages 5-15 must be accompanied at all times by the parent or guardian.
  • Minor members ages 5-15 are limited to facility access during the fall and spring semesters from 3p on Fridays through close on Sundays. Minors ages 5-15 have full access during university breaks or holidays, and full access the day following Spring Commencement until the Sunday prior to the first day of Fall classes. Minors ages 5-15 may also have access during events specifically marked as "free preview," "full access" or "open to all" except during Weeks of Welcome, which take place the first two weeks of each long semester.
  • Minor members ages 5-15 are not allowed to use fitness zones, fitness equipment, or programming intended for UHCL students or adult members at any time.

Infant through 4 Years Old

  • Minors from infant to 4 years old may be present with a parent or legal guardian, but all restrictions on space access remain in place.
  • Children under the age of five years old do not require a membership.
  • Rec Center members with children under the age of five may only bring them into the facility during the fall and spring semesters from 3p on Fridays through close on Sundays, have full access during university breaks or holidays, and full access the day following Spring Commencement until the Sunday prior to the first day of Fall classes. Minors under the age of 5 may also have access during events specifically marked as "free preview," "full access" or "open to all" except during Weeks of Welcome, which take place the first two weeks of each long semester.
  • Members who have infant children and wish to keep their infant in a stroller and utilize the track area are allowed to do so on the inside lane of the track.
  • Children under the age of five, whether in a stroller or not, are not allowed in the fitness zones or on any fitness equipment under any circumstances.
  • Children under the age of five can be on court spaces.
  • Children under the age of 5 must be within arm’s reach of their parent or legal guardian at all times.
  Personal Care Assistants (PCA)

PCAs are eligible to access the Recreation and Wellness Center in order to aid someone with their physical activity. The PCA is required to sign a waiver, membership form, and have their picture taken for a Campus Recreation Volunteer ID Card.

PCAs can access the Recreation and Wellness Center only during times accompanying the individual needing assistance, remaining with the individual needing assistance. PCAs can attend various events and programs offered by Campus Recreation to assist those in need.

PCAs are not allowed to work out or use the facility for their own benefit when accessing the facility to assist their client.

  Outstanding Balances
  In the event that CRW stops receiving payment from a credit card used for a monthly recurring membership without prior warning, the patron will be notified and their account will be frozen until all outstanding balances are paid. If the credit card linked to a patron’s monthly recurring membership needs to be updated, this must be done in person at the Member Services desk.
  Non-Student Membership Cancellations

Non-Student Membership Cancellation Fee

Cancellation fees will be waived until May 31, 2021.

Any annual, payroll deduction or recurring credit card payment membership that is canceled within six months of the original purchase is subject to a $50 cancellation fee.

Non-Student Membership Cancellation Form

To submit a request for non-student membership cancellation, please submit the online form below. It will take up to three business days to process the membership. No refunds will be granted for already processed monthly memberships or partial months.

Provide the name of the member wishing to cancel their membership
Provide the member ID number (Employee ID number or unique non-UHCL member ID)
Member phone number
Member email address
Date of cancellation request
Type of membership
Please provide information as to why you wish to cancel your membership. This information will be used only for training purposes and annual review of policies and protocols.

Refunds are given in two ways:

  1. A credit refund to the credit card that was used or a direct deposit.
  2. Refunds for non-credit card purchases must be done through direct deposit. For these refunds to be processed through the University of Houston System, the UHH system requires the following vendor setup forms before departmental processing can begin:

Completed forms must be submitted by fax to UH System Accounts Payable at 713-743-0521. It can take up to four weeks for UH System Accounts Payable to complete your vendor set-up forms. These forms may not be submitted to Campus Recreation and Wellness.

No refunds are available for the following situations:

  • If a student member withdraws from UHCL.
  • If member has been suspended due to a UHCL or Recreation and Wellness Center policy violation.
  • Non-student monthly membership if processed before a cancellation form was submitted
  • Partial non-student monthly memberships if cancellation is requested at any point.
  • Single use guest passes.
  • Personal training fees.
  • Locker rentals.
  • Shower towel service.
  • ProClub Group Fitness pass, if applicable.
  • University parking passes (hourly, daily, semester or annual).
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