About the Division of Student Affairs


The Division of Student Affairs supports students by enhancing academic success; inspiring critical thinking; and developing personal, professional, and leadership skills. We accomplish this by providing innovative and transformative experiences. We also nurture holistic wellbeing and student success through collaborative practices and a culture of care.

Working with DSA, particularly with the Office of Student Involvement and Leadership [...] gave me the ability to understand what the leader’s responsibility and impact are on others, and how to use that power to positively benefit others.

Helga Schmidt, UHCL Student


Hawks are empowered to achieve their personal success and impact their communities.



We provide experiences and advocacy that focus on the needs of each student at UHCL. Our division centers on student opportunity, development, and well-being in everything we do.

Impact: Students receive the needed support to navigate their academic and social journey and reach their fullest potential.

Impactful Learning Outcomes

We support specific learning outcomes by providing purposeful programs and building collaborative environments, with the goal of creating immersive experiences that lead to lifelong learning.

Impact: Students develop marketable and transferrable skills they will carry with them as 21st century leaders in the classroom, on campus, and in their communities.

Equity and Inclusion

We value each student’s identity development and strive to create inclusive programs, practices, and environments. We work to understand and dismantle the systems of oppression that exist within our policies, practices, and history as we actively oppose injustices. In the same vein, we are committed to adaptive practices, open accessibility, and equity across the campus environment.

Impact: Students grow as advocates and learn to celebrate diversity and inclusion through a campus community of support and mutual care.


We create engaging environments that spark relationship development and collaborative partnerships throughout the campus. By connecting Hawks to traditions and involvement around our campus community, we also inspire campus pride.

Impact: Students connect to campus life and contribute to a growing community of peers and professionals.


We are receptive to our students’ needs, serving as mentors and advocates to support them, and we create accessible avenues for their concerns to be heard and addressed.

Impact: Students feel they belong on campus and are cared for and supported.


We are dedicated to civic duty, building better communities around our campus and beyond. Through service-oriented programming, we offer experiential learning opportunities — a value we embody through our support services provided throughout the division.

Impact: Students learn the importance of dedicated service to others, and they go on to affect positive change in their communities.

Holistic Wellbeing

We equip students to pursue not just better jobs, but better lives. We support well-being in the following domains: physical, intellectual, psychological, social, emotional, occupational, environmental, and financial.

Impact: Students gain tools, resources, and skills to achieve their maximum potential academically and personally, and they establish well-being as an important personal value.


We uphold personal accountability as professionals and educators through our daily interactions with students, programming efforts, and student learning experiences. We emphasize the importance of ethics and responsible action in academics, professional spaces, and society.

Impact: Students grow into responsible professionals and members of a global society.

Division Overview


  • Division of Student Affairs

    Email: StudentAffairs@uhcl.edu

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    Phone: 281-283-3025