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Software Engineering Job Outlook

The Job Outlook for Software Engineers according to Money Magazine,, Forbes, CareerCast and Glassdoor.

Money Magazine and ranks that Software Engineering as the #1 Best Jobs in America with an annual 44,800 jobs openings per year.  From an educational perspective, Forbes states that the Software Engineering is ranked fourth (4th) among the desirable Engineering jobs with a mid-career median pay of $87,800.  CareerCast has ranked Software Engineering as seventh (8th) best career job with the third best Median Salary of $100,690. The Glassdoor Team on December 22, 2017 revealed 25 of the best paying cities for software engineer in the United State and 4 of the cities are in Texas. Furthermore, the average entry level base pay is $85,629 per year. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics in 2015 the annual median salary for a software engineer was approximately $102,000, and the job outlook between 2016-2026 is forecasted to increase by 24%.

References has ranked the UHCL Software Engineering Online Program the 6th best in the United States in 2021.