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Pre-Engineering Program

By enrolling in the Pre-Engineering program at UHCL, students will have the opportunity to explore several engineering specializations at an affordable cost. It's a great way to test the waters of an engineering degree, before fully committing to the major. Throughout the program, students will be immersed in the physics, chemistry, mathematics and computer science instruction they need to be prepared for a future in engineering.

While in pre-engineering, students will also enroll in typical university core curriculum and foundational curriculum courses. After completing the coursework, student may apply for admission to the University of Houston Cullen College of Engineering upon satisfaction of UH transfer admission standards. These students may also retain the option to stay at UHCL, and obtain an engineering degree from UHCL or transfer to any other university in the country.

However, because engineering may be an extremely challenging course of study to some students, these students may determine that it is not an appropriate choice. Therefore, advisors will assist these students in finding a course of study that is best suited to their unique talents and interests. The ultimate priority is for every student to graduate successfully from a best-fit major.

Program Courses

Admission Requirements


All students (freshmen, transfers and post-baccalaureate students) are welcome to join the Pre-Engineering Program at UHCL. Please see the admissions information above for the appropriate student classification to determine if you meet general UHCL admission requirements.

Students who complete their first two years at UHCL will have guaranteed acceptance to the engineering programs at University of Houston if they meet the following admission criteria:

  • Math GPA 3.0 or better (based on all calculus courses and math courses with calculus pre-requisites attempted)
  • Science GPA 3.0 or better (based on all college-level chemistry, biology, geology, and calculus-based physics courses that apply to UH Engineering degree plan attempted)
  • English GPA 2.5 or better (based on all college-level English courses attempted)
  • Cumulative GPA 3.25 or better (based on all college-level work attempted)
  • Engineering GPA 3.0 or better (based on all college-level engineering courses attempted)

Please note that UHCL GPA is calculated using grade replacement; the above GPA requirements utilize all attempted coursework. Please consult your academic advisor with additional questions on GPA requirements.

Students who will not transfer to University of Houston will have an option to transfer to other universities or continue their education at UHCL.