SAP Student Recognition Award

Gain Valuable Skills in Logistics and Data Analysis

If you’re seeking a data-driven career in a STEM field, University of Houston-Clear Lake’s SAP Student Recognition Award can open the door to that path. Founded in 1972, SAP (Systems, Applications, and Products in Data Processing) is the market leader in enterprise application software, helping companies perform at their best.

The SAP Student Recognition Award, also known as the SAP Certificate, is a valuable certificate from the overall market leader in the worldwide Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) market. Many employers in the Greater Houston area use SAP as their enterprise backbone to integrate and analyze their business data. With this award, you can become a more desirable candidate in the SAP-related job market. 

SAP America, Inc. and the Engineering Management program at UH-Clear Lake jointly award a SAP Student Recognition Award to the students who complete three SAP-related courses successfully. After earning the SAP, you’ll be able to: 

  • Understand the role of integrated processes within business enterprises.
  • Understand the issues in logistics system design and operations.
  • Analyze data with critical thinking to create information and knowledge for business decisions.

Certificate Requirements

You must be an engineering management (EMGT) graduate student at UHCL to claim the SAP certificate. You may also earn the certificate as part of your Engineering Management M.S. degree by selecting the courses as your electives.

To earn the certificate, each of the three UHCL courses listed below must be completed at UHCL within a four-year time limit with grades of “B” or better. Note that a “B-” is not accepted. No transferred course will be accepted.

Required Courses

  • EMGT 5632 Logistics Management
  • EMGT 5730 Fundamentals of Enterprise Resource Planning Software
  • EMGT 5731 Business Analytics

How to Claim Your Certificate

Once you have successfully completed the certificate requirement, fill out the SAP Student Recognition claim form and send it to your faculty advisor to request the certificate. Your faculty advisor will sign the document and send to the academic advising office.