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Candidate Plan of Study: Your Degree Plan

At the University of Houston Clear Lake, a Candidate Plan of Study (CPS) is a personalized roadmap outlining a student's academic journey from admission to graduation. It typically includes a list of required courses for the student's chosen major or program, as well as any elective courses or additional requirements necessary for completion. The CPS serves as a guide for students to track their progress toward degree completion and ensures they meet all academic requirements. The CPS is an essential tool for academic advisors and students to collaborate on academic planning and ensure timely graduation.

Undergraduate CPS Process

CSE Academic Advising will create a CPS for all first-time college students in their first semester at UHCL, which they will receive during their mandatory new student advising appointment.

For transfer students, the Academic Transfer Advising Office will create an initial CPS as part of their initial advising appointment; CSE Advising will finalize the CPS and provide an updated copy to the student as part of their first meeting with their assigned CSE Advisor.

Every CPS also includes the name and email of assigned Faculty Mentors. Faculty mentors are faculty within a student's chosen program who assist with detailed program and course content questions. They are the subject matter experts in their field and can help answer questions about the degree program, elective selection, career options, getting involved in research, and offer general academic guidance. CSE Academic Advising recommends that students meet with faculty mentors regularly to talk about their plans, especially once they are late in their sophomore year. 

How to Read My Undergraduate CPS

Your CPS shows the classes that have transferred and are counting towards your degree requirement, as well as the classes you still must take. 

Term Column: Used by your Academic Advisor to recommend courses in specific terms.

Grade Column:

  • Grades earned in any class completed at UHCL are entered here to indicate course completion.
  • A "T" before the grade (TA, TB, etc.) means a transfer class was used to satisfy the requirement.

Hours Columns:

  • LL HRS @ UHCL: Lower-level hours (1000 or 2000 level courses) earned at UHCL
  • UL HRS @ UHCL: Upper-level hours (3000 or 4000 level courses) earned at UHCL
  • TR (LL) HRS: Lower-level earned hours from another institution.
  • TR (UL) HRS: Upper-Level earned hours from another institution.
  • Please note: If you have completed a class at another institution that is not showing on your CPS, you need to turn in a current transcript showing the completed class before we can show the credit on your CPS.

Program Faculty Mentor information can be found in the lower right-hand corner of your CPS.

PLEASE NOTE: Different sections of the CPS have different minimum grade requirements. Pay attention to the minimum grade requirements listed on your plan and in the UHCL catalog.

Graduate CPS Process

CSE Academic Advising will create a CPS for all newly admitted graduate students after the start of the term. Each graduate CPS shows the student's assigned Faculty Advisor. Using the CPS created by CSE Advising, the Faculty Advisor provides primary guidance for the graduate student in selecting courses, managing their degree program, discussing internships or co-op procedures, and finalizing a student's CPS (required only at the graduate level).

How to Read My Graduate CPS

In general, each graduate CPS lists the following:

  • Foundation Courses: Lists foundation courses assigned at the time of admission. If none were assigned, this section will be clear.
  • Degree Requirements: Total number of hours required for the degree.
    • Core Requirements
    • Program Electives
    • Completion Options – Must Select One:
      • Extended Coursework: The extended coursework option requires at least six semester hours of coursework, a minimum of 24 hours of coursework numbered 5000 or higher, and successful completion of a capstone course.
      • or Thesis: The master's thesis option requires at least six hours of continuous enrollment in the thesis course. Some programs may require more than six hours. If a student does not maintain continuous registration in the master's thesis, previously accumulated master’s thesis credits will not count toward the master's degree.
    • Important Information section: Explains key college and university requirements that must be met for degree completion.

Need an Updated CPS?

To request an updated CPS, please email

  • Subject: Request for Copy of CPS (Student ID)
  • Message: Briefly explain the reason for the request.
  • Please note that you will receive the latest CPS we have on file. If you would like an updated CPS, note that in your message.


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