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You have the ability to add yourself to a waitlist for classes that have been closed because they are full. This feature will only be on select courses.

You can think of waitlisting as flying "stand-by." You can place yourself on a list, and if a spot opens in the course, we will place you into the course. You will receive an email informing you that you have been added to the course. (Make sure you pay for it!)

To get started, please review the Adding Classes to Wait List Guide.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if a class is eligible to be waitlisted?

Please review the simple instructions for waitlisting. Some notes though:

  • To find courses that are available to be waitlisted, you must search for classes without the "Show Open Classes Only" box.
  • Make sure you select the "Wait list if class is full" box.

If I select the waitlist, am I enrolled in the course?

No. Seats in the class may never be available, students may not meet the requisite for the class, may be enrolled for maximum allowable number of hours, may have time conflicts, may not pay on time, etc.

The class I waitlisted has pre-requisites and/or co-requisites, what happens?

Requisite checking is done when you attempt to register for a waitlisted class. If you have not satisfied the pre-requisite or co-requisite for the class, you will not be able to enroll or be waitlisted in the class.

When will I know I have been registered in the class I have waitlisted?

In addition to email communications, all students are expected to monitor their enrollment(s) status frequently via E-Services. You will receive an email informing you that you have been placed and/or registered in the class.

When do I have to pay for the waitlisted class?

Students must monitor their enrollment status closely via E-services. All payment due dates will apply and students should follow appropriate steps to ensure that their enrollment is secured by covering minimum payments as prescribed by payment deadlines

Why doesn't the class I want have a waitlist?

Not all classes can use the waitlist feature. Each semester, new courses will be added that can utilize the feature.

What happens if I am already in the class, but want a different section/time/instructor?

Although you will be placed in the waitlist queue, you must first drop the section you are currently enrolled before the process will allow you to be enrolled in a different section of the same course. Review the Academic Calendar for drop/enroll deadlines BEFORE making any decisions.

When is the last possible day I will be enrolled?

The waitlisting process will end on the last day of late registration. If you are not enrolled by this date, you can assume you will not be enrolled in the class.


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