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Three Peat Rule for Undergraduates

In accordance with Texas Education Code Section 130.0034 and 54.014 as of Fall 2002 undergraduate, Texas-resident students and students paying resident tuition attempting the same course for a third (or subsequent) time will be subject to the Three-peat Fee for Undergraduate Hours.

"Attempted" hours are defined as all hours for which the student is enrolled as of the official Census date for the semester or session, regardless of whether the student withdraws from one or all classes after the Census date. Please see the Academic Calendar for the Census date for each semester and/or session.

The following courses may not be counted toward the Three-peat Rule for Undergraduates:

  • Independent Study Courses
  • Special Topics Courses with Differing Content

Three-peat Fee for Undergraduate Hours

An additional tuition amount of $130 will be charged for each undergraduate credit hour for a course taken for the third time at UHCL ($390 per 3 hour course). This fee also applies to any International or Non-Resident student who pays Texas resident tuition rates.





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