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University Police Officers

University Policing is a skilled profession that balances the special needs of an educational environment with those of law, order, and the application of criminal justice.  While service and education is a mainstay of campus law enforcement, University Police Officers are trained and equipped to handle criminal activity just as their county and municipal counterparts. 

The University of Houston-Clear Lake Police Department is a full service law enforcement agency focused on serving the UHCL community.  University of Houston-Clear Lake Police Officers are fully empowered state peace officers commissioned under the authority of the State of Texas Education Code Section 51.203.  The primary jurisdiction of a University Police Officer includes all counties in which the University owns, leases, rents, or otherwise maintains control of property.  Within this primary jurisdiction, a University Police Officer:

  1. Is vested with all powers, privileges, and immunities of a Texas peace officer.
  2. May arrest without warrant any person who violates a law of the state.
  3. May enforce all traffic laws on streets and highways.

Outside of a University Police Officer’s primary jurisdiction, the officer maintains the vested powers, privileges and immunities of a Texas peace officer and may arrest any person who violates any state law if the officer:

  1. Is summoned by another law enforcement agency to provide assistance.
  2. Is assisting another law enforcement agency.
  3. Is otherwise performing his/her duties as a police officer for the institution of higher education that employs the officers.

All University Police Officers must:

  1. Take and file the oath of office with the State of Texas
  2. Be a certified police officer under the requirements of the Texas Commission on Law  Enforcement Officers and Standards.

Texas Education Code Section 51.203: