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About the UHCL Police Department

Organizational Structure

The University of Houston-Clear Lake Police Department is here to serve you. 

Please feel free to contact us for any law enforcement, security or safety issues. We can be reached through the 24-hour police dispatch number at 281-283-2222, or you can email the entire command staff by sending your message to    

Our services are organized into four areas:

Office of the Chief and Professional Standards

The Office of the Chief of Police manages all university law enforcement and security functions. The chief directs the mission of the department, assuring its support of the university’s goals and objectives. The chief of police manages the department's budget and resources, ensuring that the UHCL PD is a good steward of the public funds to which it has been entrusted.

  • Office of the Chief and Professional Standards
  • Chief of Police
    Russell Miller
    281-283-2295 | 
  • Law Enforcement Compliance Manager
    Kelley Reid
    281-283-2231 |
  • Administrative Assistant IV
    Lois Lewis
    281-283-2234 | 

Field Operations

Field Operations is responsible for uniformed police patrol, police dispatch, victim/witness assistance, traffic enforcement, motorist assistance and personnel training, certification and licensing.

Field Operations consists of three squads:

  1. Day Squad (Squad A)
  2. Evening Squad (Squad B)
  3. Night Squad (Squad C)

Together, these squads patrol the UHCL campus 24 hours a day, seven days a week, every day of the year. Each squad is led by a police sergeant who reports directly to the field operations commander.

Kyle Pirtle
Field Operations Commander

Crime Prevention and Investigations

The Crime Prevention and Investigations (CPI) Unit is is a component of Field Operations. CPI is charged with investigating all campus crime and providing a focus on community outreach programs to the university community designed to enhance campus security and empower community members to take part in their own safety.

CPI is also responsible for emergency operations and preparedness, property and evidence management, special events planning, recruiting and training.

Criminal Investigations Sergeant
Sergeant Christina Hux
281-283-2233 |

Criminal Investigations
Detective Devin Hendry
281-283-2226 | 

Community Outreach Officer
Officer Nadia Hall
281-283-2232 | 

Technical Services

Technical Services for UHCL PD provides vital support to uniformed personnel through security technologies designed to enhance the department's access control and preventative patrol programs. The Technical Services Commander is a civilian employee with specialized training in best practice standards of security-related technologies and information systems.

Along with the component commander, Technical Services is staffed with two police services assistants. Technical Services maintains and manages the university's electronic and mechanical locking systems, closed circuit television, alarm/emergency communication devices and all police department information systems.

To request Technical Services assistance, please call 281-283-2230 or email

  • Technical Services Team
  • Interim Commander
    Eric Thacker
    281-283-2230 |
  • Access Control Technician
    James Cantu
    281-283-2230 |

Emergency Management

  • Emergency Management Team
  • Director of Emergency Management
    Al Black
    281-283-2110 |
  • Emergency Preparedness Coordinator
    Nathan Vessey
    281-283-2707 |