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Commendations or Complaints

The UHCL Police Department is open on a 24/7/365 basis for police patrol, response, and investigation. Some other services are restricted to certain times.


The UHCL Police Department has procedures in place to address officer involved issues with campus community interaction. This includes positive contact and, as much as we effort to minimize it, negative contact.


If our officers exceptionally perform by providing great customer service (hot French fries), it means a lot if you memorialize the instance by sending an email or a note to the Office of the Chief of Police so your great experience can be shared with our staff. Hearing about your experience is great motivation for us to continue providing the best service possible. It becomes part of the employee's permanent record. 


Conversely, if any member of the police department misses the mark, you can download the complaint form and follow the instructions on the form to submit.

Anonymous complaints are accepted. However, the extent of the investigation is determined on the amount of credible evidence that can be collected. Lack of a complainant makes it difficult to properly investigate complaints. Based on the seriousness of the allegations and the amount of evidence that can be collected, the Chief of Police will decide whether to formalize an investigation based upon an anonymous complaint.


  1. Print out a complaint form below.
  2. Fully complete the form and sign. Have it notarized to prevent delays in the process.
  3. If more space is needed, print out multiple copies of page two.
  4. Place in a sealed envelope labeled "To: Chief of Police."
  5. Deliver to the UHCL Police Department.
  6. Mail to the address below.
The University of Houston-Clear Lake Police Department
Office of the Chief of Police
2700 Bay Area Boulevard
Box 323
Houston, Texas 77058-1098

Commendation Form  Complaint Form

2023 Personnel Commendations and Complaints Review