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Parking on Campus

To park at UHCL or UHCL at Pearland, drivers must display a valid UHCL parking permit, which indicates which parking lot(s) to use. UHCL parking permits are valid at both locations. Any driver without an approved parking permit must purchase a temporary one from a pay station/the parking kiosk or use the ParkMobile App and park in the designated temporary permit locations. See the Temporary Parking Permits section for more information.

The registered driver and/or permit holder is responsible for any parking citations issued to a vehicle displaying their parking permit. In the event the vehicle is not registered with Parking and Transportation, motor vehicle records from the Texas Department of Transportation will be used to determine responsibility.

Park only where your permit allows. Do not park in areas that are not for your use or have a restricted status. Examples of restricted areas include fire and no parking zones, the grass, sidewalks, along curbs not designated for parking, any unmarked spot, or any place that would disrupt pedestrian or vehicular traffic. If you receive parking citations and do not resolve them, it will go to collections.

Anyone who operates a motor vehicle on UHCL property is asked to register that vehicle with Parking and Transportation. Authorized university vehicles and equipment are exempt from registration.

Parking Permits

Permit Type Price
Annual $95
Fall/Spring $60
Summer $45
Motorcycle (Secondary vehicle only) $18


Permit Type Price
Annual $95
Fall/Spring Adjunct $30
Summer Adjunct $25
Lot A $150
Motorcycle (Secondary vehicle only) $18



  • Parking and Transportation

    Phone: 281-283-2277

    2700 Bay Area Blvd
    Houston, TX 77058-1002

    Office Hours:
    8 a.m.-10 p.m.

    8 a.m.-5 p.m.

    Parking Information Window
    Location: B1636
    8 a.m.-12 p.m.