Permits Enforced Beginning September 10, 2018

Parking permits for 2018-2019 are now available for purchase. Campus wide enforcement, including the Pearland campus, is effect as of Monday, September 10, 2018. Please purchase your parking permit today!

Construction Impact Notice:

In preparation for the student housing construction project, a small portion of Parking Lot D and across Houston Drive has been blocked off. Please use caution when navigating around these areas.

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Parking On Campus

All vehicles parked on the UHCL campus must be parked within the appropriate parking lots as identified on the parking permit. Vehicles without approved parking permits, must purchase a temporary permit and park in designated temporary permit locations or the student lots. Temporary permit holders are not authorized to park in employee lots.  

Purchase a Parking Permit Pay Parking FinesParking FAQ's

Parking Permits will be issued to under the condition that the applicant is in good standing and does not owe back fees or has other encumbrances. The parking permit is transferable to any passenger vehicle being operated by or for the permit holder. Individuals are not allowed to transfer ownership of a permit. Found permits shall be returned to the University Parking Department. Possession or use of a lost/stolen or forged/altered permit shall result in administrative and criminal charges. For more information, review Parking FAQs

Permits and Parking Lot Information

  Students, Lots D, G or J only

Student Permits are purchased exclusively online at the Parking Department's E-business website. Permits can be purchased annually or by semester. Only credit or debit cards are accepted. Once a permit is purchased, the hangtag permit will be mailed to the student. A printable, temporary permit will be provided at the time of purchase to be used until the permanent hangtag permit arrives, Semester permits are available throughout each semester. Annual permits are available for the entire academic year only in the fall semester. Student may park only in Lots D, G or J. Students may not park in the sections designated for employees only.

Student Parking Fees – Subject to Change  

  • Annual $85.00
  • Fall Semester $50.00
  • Spring Semester $50.00
  • Summer Semester $35.00
  • Motorcycle (2nd vehicle only) $10.00 

All parking permit fees are non-refundable.

  Employees, Lots A, B and Student Parking

Employee permits are purchased exclusively online at the Parking Department's E-business website. Permits are annual. Credit and debit card and direct payroll withdrawal options are available. The payroll withdrawal option is only available at the beginning of each fiscal year for a limited time. New employees hired during the year will be provided a prorated rate based on the number of months left in the fiscal year. Reciprocal Agreements - Current parking permits issued by the Parking Offices or Police Departments of the Alvin Community College, University of Houston, UH-Downtown, UH-Victoria and the UH-System are honored at UHCL, if the vehicle is parked in the appropriate parking area for the type of permit displayed.

Faculty/Staff Parking Fees – Subject to Change

  • Lot A – Annual $135.00
  • Faculty/Staff Annual $85.00
  • Adjunct Annual $40.00
  • Adjunct Fall Semester $20.00
  • Adjunct Spring Semester $20.00
  • Adjunct Summer Semester $15.00
  • Motorcycle (2nd vehicle only) $10.00  

All parking permit fees are non-refundable.

  Campus Visitors 

Parking Lot R and curb spaces throughout campus (marked by signs) are designated as the university’s primary visitor parking areas. Parking in these areas requires the display of temporary visitor’s permit. Vehicles with regular UHCL parking permits are not allowed to park in the designated visitor spaces or risk citation.

How to Obtain a Temporary Visitor’s Permit – On campus, Temporary Visitor’s Permits may be purchased at Parking Kiosks throughout campus. The locations of these kiosks are indicated via signage along campus roads. The Parking Department's E-business site and Parking Kiosks only accept debit and credit cards.

Temporary Parking Fees – Subject to Change

  • 2 hours = $2.50
  • 4 hours = $4.00
  • all day = $5.00
Directions to UHCL
  Drivers with Disabilities

Individuals with a disability who have a state authorized handicap license plate or placard are still required to purchase a UHCL parking permit. They must display both the handicap permit and the UHCL permit when parking in handicap designated spaces on campus.

  Alumni and Community Members

Alumni and community members may choose to purchase a parking permit for the entire year. These permits will allow them to park in student parking lots. This purchase can be made via the Parking Department's E-business site. Alumni may also be eligible for a lifetime complimentary permit per certain requirements met through Lifetime Alumni membership.


UHCL employees who have retired are eligible for a lifetime complimentary permit. This permit can be obtained through the Office of Human Resources.

  Temporary Parking Permits

For employees or students who forgot their parking permit will need to purchase a day permit from the pay station. Currently, there are three payment kiosks located within parking lot G of the Delta Building, in visitor lot R and in the corner of Houston Dr and the NOA building in lot D. The machines accept Master Card, Visa and Discover. Upon receiving the day permit the user shall place the permit on the driver’s side dashboard facing outward. The day permit will allow the user to park in their designated parking lot for the day. 

Temporary Parking Fees – Subject to Change

  • 2 hours = $2.50
  • 4 hours = $4.00
  • all day = $5.00
  Motorcycles, Mopeds or Motor Scooters

Students or employees parking a motorcycle, moped or motor scooter on campus shall pay regular parking fees for parking permits if they are not also purchasing a parking permit for an automobile. However, if the student or employee already has a paid parking permit for an automobile, the student or employee must also purchase a for a motorcycle, moped or motor scooter for a $10.00 additional fee. Such vehicles are not permitted in campus buildings.

  Additional Permits

Students or employees may choose to purchase a second permit. While the first issued permit is transferable from one vehicle to the next, UHCL recognizes that some students or employees may wish to have a second permit for convenience sake. Second permits are sold at the same price as the first permit and can be purchased at the Parking Department's E-business site.

  Replacement Permits

All lost or stolen parking permits must be reported to the Parking Department immediately. Once reported lost or stolen, these permits will no longer be valid. Reporting the loss or theft is required prior to the purchase of a replacement permit. Stolen or lost permits will be replaced for a $20.00 fee.

  Pearland Campus

All UHCL Parking Regulations are enforced at the UHCL Pearland campus. All employees and students must have a valid UHCL Parking Permit to park at UHCL Pearland Campus. The UHCL Parking Permit is valid at both UHCL primary campus and UHCL Pearland Campus. Visitors to the UHCL Pearland Campus or employees / students who forget their permits must check in with onsite security immediately upon arrival in order to avoid a citation.

  Event Parking

Events with less than 30 vehicles should utilize the temporary permit process for their guests and use the Visitor’s Lot R for their events. For groups of 30 or more vehicles, alternative parking options at varying rates can be formulated on an individual basis through the University Parking Department. Organizers should provide at least five business days notice of special parking needs. To make special parking arrangements, email or call the Parking Office at 281-283-2277.

Special Parking Considerations – If your parking needs are not met by the processes described in the UHCL Parking Regulations, please contact the Parking Department for arrangements before the parking need is required.

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