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Campus Program for Minors

When hosting minors on our campus for certain programs, UHCL is required to provide training to comply with state regulations that aim to keep minors safe while in our care.

Texas Education Code § 51.976 requires individuals who will have contact with minors at certain limited campus programs to receive specific Youth Protection Training in order for the campus program to be operated by or on the campus of an institution of higher education.  

The University of Houston System has adopted policy (SAM 05.C.01) to comply, not only with the minimum legal requirements, but to also ensure all campus programs for minors are conducted in a manner that is as safe as possible. 

At the core of the Texas Education Code § 51.976, and SAM 05.C.01 is to provide proactive Youth Protection Training. All employees who are employed by, as well as other employees who are assigned to regularly work in any of the component university departments/areas (including volunteers) having the highest likelihood of contact with minors are required to complete Youth Protection Training annually.  The University of Houston System has created an online course, approved by the Texas State Department of Health Services (TSDHS), to ensure compliance.

Training Information

Contact Human Resources to secure enrollment in the required training and to discuss other requirements.

The required training is available online via the UHS Online Training Access Portal (TAP).

All parties involved in these programs, including students, volunteers, and employees, must complete this training. 

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