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Merit Guidelines

Merit Increases


If staff merit increases are approved for 9/1/2023, each department head should begin preliminary planning immediately by determining which staff employees will be recommended for merit increases. However, this planning information and any proposed percentages or amounts should be discussed only on a business necessity basis until the budget process is completed. Do not make oral or written pay increase commitments to any employee.

Staff Merit Increase Guidelines

Additional Information

What are the dollar or percentage limits on individual merit increases?

The merit pool is calculated using base-funded filled positions only by employees who are eligible. Vacant positions will not be included in the merit pool calculations. The amount and/or percentage available to each budget authority will depend on the amount of the total merit pool. This information will be disseminated to the budget authorities along with full instructions outlining the application of merit following the confirmation of merit eligibility by Human Resources.

What is Meritorious Performance?

Meritorious performance is service that is consistently above standard in terms of quality, efficiency, dependability, productivity, and/or value to the employing department or the university. The university has many good employees, but not every employee’s performance is meritorious.



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