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Job Analysis

Job Analysis Process

A Job Analysis is the study of a job to determine which activities and responsibilities it includes, its relative importance to other jobs, the qualifications necessary for the performance of the job and the conditions under which the work is performed. An important concept in job analysis is that the job, not the person doing the job, is assessed, even though HR may collect some job analysis data from the incumbent. 

The Position Request/Reclassification Form is used in the job evaluation process  to collect detailed, job –specific  information about the duties and responsibilities of the job as it currently exists.   The collected job data will be used to help develop or revise the  job description and to help evaluate the job for appropriate classification. 

Criteria for reviewing positions submitted will be as follows:

  • Current overall staffing need(s) of the campus, division, department and how this position will address or meet this/these critical, essential or operational needs.
  • The consequences for not filling or reclassifying this position.
  • The redistribution or assumption of duties and responsibilities of the position should the position not be filled or reclassified.
  • The impact to the campus or unit budget if the position is approved and if not approved.
  • The current staffing model level in relation to the strategic plan for the campus or unit.
  • Future staffing projections for the campus or requesting unit

Reason For the Job Analysis

  • New Job – The creation of a new position
  • Change due to reclassification.
    1. It is a permanent change in duties - not a special project or short-term assignment
    2. The addition, deletion, or change affects a duty that constitutes a significant portion of the job;
    3. The duty which is added, deleted, or changed is substantially different in level and type from the balance of the job duties so that it seems reasonable that the change in that one duty would affect the evaluation of the job on one or more job evaluation factors;
    4. The level of education or experience required for the job significantly changed. These requirements should reflect standards or satisfactory job performance, not an incumbent's qualifications; 

Required Support Documentation

All position requests must be initiated via the Position Request/Reclassification Form. If you need assistance formulating a position description, refer to our Position Description Guide. Reclassifications and new position requests should be submitted via an ePRF with the below documentation uploaded:

  • Completed Position Request / Reclassification Form with all of the required signatures.
  • Current staffing model/organizational chart.
  • 1074.1 or 1063 report.
  • For reclassifications - the resume/CV of the current incumbent is required.

Approval Workflow Sequence (ePRF)

The type of ePRF initiated will determine the Workflow sequence.


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