Job Analysis

Strategic Hiring Process

Effective:  June 1, 2021

In an ongoing effort to be responsible stewards of financial resources and to conserve funds which will enable us to manage current and future budget shortfalls during these difficult economic times, University of Houston-Clear Lake has established a Strategic Hiring Committee.

The committee consists of the Provost, Vice President for Administration and Finance, Vice President for Student Affairs, Vice President University Advancement,   Executive Director of Human Resources, and the President. The Provost and Executive Director of Human Resources will serve as committee co-chairs.

Strategic Hire Process Criteria

The Strategic Hiring Process will include all regular, full-time positions, while excluding students and temporary positions.  All faculty and supervisor-level positions and above will proceed to the Strategic Hiring Committee (SHC) for review.  Non-managers will not require a strategic hiring committee review.

Strategic Hiring Committee Review

Criteria for reviewing positions submitted to the Strategic Hiring Committee will be as follows:

  • Current overall staffing need(s) of the campus, division, department and how this position will address or meet this/these critical, essential or operational needs.
  • The consequences for not filling or reclassifying this position.
  • The redistribution or assumption of duties and responsibilities of the position should the position not be filled or reclassified.
  • The impact to the campus or unit budget if the position is approved and if not approved.
  • The current staffing model level in relation to the strategic plan for the campus or unit.
  • Future staffing projections for the campus or requesting unit

Reason For the Position Request

  • New Job – The creation of a new position
  • Change due to reclassification / equity
    1. It is a permanent change in duties -- not a special project or short-term assignment
    2. The addition, deletion, or change affects a duty that constitutes a significant portion of the job;
    3. The duty which is added, deleted, or changed is substantially different in level and type from the balance of the job duties so that it seems reasonable that the change in that one duty would affect the evaluation of the job on one or more job evaluation factors;
    4. The level of education or experience required for the job significantly  changed. These requirements should reflect standards or satisfactory job performance, not an incumbent's qualifications; or
    5. Equity adjustments should alleviate significant disparity between the pay of an employee’s salary to similarly classified employees or for a significant disparity in pay to the external market.

Required Support Documentation

All position requests must be initiated via the ePRF process. This process requires a completed Job Analysis Questionnaire (JAQ). Additional documents required based on the nature of the position request, are:

  • CV or resume of incumbent in position being reclassified
  • Current staffing model/organizational chart
  • Financial crosswalk

Compensation Analysis

  1. Once ePRFs reach Compensation, they will perform the job analysis, which includes an external market analysis and an internal equity assessment.
  2. Compensation will provide the most recent market composite for roles that do not require a change. This data should align with the data submitted to budget for the fiscal year.
  3. For positions being submitted as a change, will go through a new compensation analysis, and a new market composite and grade will be communicated.
  4. All recommendations will be presented showing the market composites at 90%, 100% and 110%; as well as an internal equity assessment.  Compensation will also provide rationale for any recommendations.

Market Analysis Results example: 

Director University XXXX
Job Code:  3533
Grade:  5
Midpoint: $65,129
Pay Plan: Staff
Total Range:  $52,563 - $65,129 - $86,133
Mkt Composite 90% $58,069
Mkt Composite 100% $64,521
Mkt Composite 110% $70,973
% Increase to Mkt 90%: n/a
Internal Equity Assessment 

Position A   (4)  = $60,000
Position B   (4)  = $60,00
Position C   (7)  = $83,057
Position D  (8) = $94,000
Position E   (8)  = $110,000

Approval Workflow Sequence (ePRF)

Non-manager positions and positions with only a budget change or without job changes will stop at the budget level approval (see below).

  1. Hiring manager (send documents to BA for input)
  2. Initiator (BA inputs request from hiring manager)
  3. HR-Compensation
  4. Grants-Office of sponsored programs (only if grant funded)
  5. Budget office
  6. HR Compensation

Managers positions: All Faculty and Leadership-level positions will proceed to the Strategic Hiring Committee for review. These approvers include:

  1. Provost
  2. VP Administration and Finance
  3. VP University Advancement
  4. VP Student Affairs
  5. Executive Director HR/Chief Diversity Officer/VP Strategic Enrollment Management/COO UHCL at Pearland
  6. President (Directors and above)
  7. HR Compensation



  • HR Compensation

    Bayou Building B2537
    2700 Bay Area Blvd, Box 167
    Houston, TX 77058-1002

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