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Welcome Message from HHPI

At its core, the Health and Human Performance Institute (HHPI) is an investment by University of Houston-Clear Lake in the Bay Area Houston region. This innovative interdisciplinary institute serves the diverse community and uses science and engineering to guide testing, nutrition, exercise and rehabilitation practice world-wide.

HHPI was founded in 2017 as the Exercise and Nutritional Health Institute. Since then, we have evolved into a single institute comprised of four distinctive research centers: Center for Exercise and Nutritional Health, Center for Neurologic Injury and Recovery, Center for High Performance, and Center for Performance Innovation. Each center offers specialized programs for community members, science and technology development, and experiential learning opportunities all centered on a common goal: to innovatively breakthrough barriers and enable you, the human athlete, to achieve peak performance.

Peak performance: HHPI provides testing programming for amateur, professional, and Olympic athletes. However, to our team peak performance is broader and encompasses the vastness of human movement. We serve and provide programs for individuals who display infectious resilience as they work to regain functional capabilities after a brain or spinal cord injury, strive to serve the community by remaining physically ready to fight fires or perform duties as a police officers, use exercise and nutrition as a tool to become less dependent on medications, and who are motivated to maintain the strength and power to pick up their kids or grandkids. Regardless of where you fall on the spectrum of human performance, we believe exercise and proper nutrition are good medicine and the key to an optimal quality of life.

At HHPI, we hold firmly to the principles of evidence-based practice, recognizing that our programs are based on a half-written book. We are committed to evolving techniques and technologies as scientific discovery continues to pen the chapters of the book. Our faculty, staff, and talented students are active contributors to the developing story of science through experimental research and engineering development.

Within our first four years, we were fortunate to serve more than 200 community members, provide more than 15,000 exercise prescriptions, and provide research assistantships, internships, or clinical practicum experiences for 35 student and counting. By participating in our programming we've helped members with age related functional declines, traumatic brain injuries, strokes, osteoporosis, multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy, Parkinson's disease, cancer, and metabolic diseases to improve their quality of life, take ownership of exercise and nutrition, and become the champion of their own health. These individuals ranged from 22-88 years old!

Our ultimate success is not quantified by numbers. Instead, it is measured in relationships. We are proud of the community of members in HHPI that we are honored to call friends. Friends who support and encourage each other, have dedicated time to their personal health, and allow their successes to be a part of the collective story of science that we believe will help others define best practices worldwide. We would be humbled to serve you and be a part of your health and performance journey.


William E. Amonette, Ph.D.
Executive Director, Health and Human Performance Institute
Associate Professor of Exercise Science