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Bay Area Houston Food Lovers Fundraiser

USA is selling Bay Area Houston Food Lovers cards for $25.00 in Bayou Atrium I, November 8 - 19, 2021. Cash only.

Just show your card to one of the many businesses on the list to save money all year long! Businesses include, but are not limited to, El Tiempo Webster, Noon Mirch, Mamacita's, Red Oak Cafe, Stone Cold Meats, Rush Cycle, Woodhouse Spa, and more.

Hawk Spirit Award

The Hawk Spirit Award represents the hard-working and talented UHCL staff that create positive change and showcase their Hawk spirit across campus.

UHCL staff is encouraged to nominate one or more of their peers (UHCL staff) each month for this award. Nominations are due by the last Thursday of each month and should speak to how the staff member showcases their Hawk spirit (i.e. wearing UHCL Hawk swag, campus engagement, volunteerism, etc.), creates positive change across campus, and/or moves the campus forward in some way.

To nominate a UHCL staff member for the Hawk Spirit Award, please submit your nomination via email to with "Hawk Spirit Award Nomination" as your subject line.