Upcoming Events

USA Parking Fundraiser:

There is a spot available in Parking Lot B that you are eligible to win for the month of March, April and May.

1 Raffle Ticket - $2
3 Raffle Tickets - $5

USA accepts cash and checks; please reach out to if you would like to purchase a ticket for entry. There will also be an opportunity to purchase tickets at this week’s general meeting.

Employee of the Quarter:

Nominate your coworkers for a job well done! This is a great opportunity to recognize those around you. During this season, let us embrace the spirit of giving by devoting some time to write a letter of nomination. You can write one letter and collect 3 signatures to nominate someone, or you can submit 3 different letters to nominate one person. For more information see the following documents: Rules, Nomination Form A, Nomination Form B.

Please send all nominations to Box #549, ATTN: USA President