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2019-2020 University Staff Association Elections

Below are the nominees for each of the open positions on the University Staff Association Board for 2019-2020.  Please access the online ballot to vote. Voting will close Friday, August 9, 2019.

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Vice President / President-Elect Nominee(s)

We are in search for a Vice President/President-Elect to serve as VP for the 2019-20 term and President for the 2020-21 term. If you're interested in serving in this capacity. Please reach out to

Corresponding Secretary Nominee(s)

Carol Bates - I would like to be involved in UHCL activities and feel that serving on the USA Executive Board as Corresponding Secretary and representing the Office of the President will be an excellent an excellent opportunity.

Recording Secretary Nominee(s)
We are in search for a Recording Secretary to serve for the 2019-20 term. If you're interested in serving in this capacity. Please reach out to
Treasurer Alternate Nominee(s)

Brittany Richardson - I am excited for the nomination and opportunity to run for the Alternate Treasurer position. My current position at UHCL is in Student Business Services and has been for 4 years. This position has given me 4 years of experience in the UHCL financial system as well as in journal entries and cash handling procedures. I would like to be more involved at UHCL and believe serving on the University Staff Association Executive Board would be a great start. I would be honored to serve as the 2019/2020 USA Treasurer Alternate.

Satya Sudha Gudipaty - It is with great excitement that I would be considered for the position of Alternate Treasurer. I work in the Department of Campus Operations at the Pearland location. What I like most about working for the University is that it provides me the opportunity to serve students, faculty and my community. I have experience in financial management, reconciliations and a positive customer service demeanor. Serving in this capacity will help to establish new working relationships with my fellow staff members at the UHCL campus.

Archivist Alternate Nominee(s)
Stacy Schreiber - I am interested in taking part in encouraging fellowship among staff.
Planning and Budgeting Committe Alternates Nominee(s)

Leigh Ann Shlefer - I have been employed at UHCL since 2007 and have been a member of the Office of University Advancement since 2015, currently as the proposal writer and prospect researcher for U.A.'s development team. I am also an alumna, having earned my MA in History in 2009.
My job in fundraising for the university connects to the function and purpose of PBC. For the past two years, I have served on PBC, first as alternate and then as USA rep. I would be honored to continue to serve the interests of UHCL's staff in the financial planning and budgeting for the university.

LeeAnn Wheelbarger - Always willing to serve in whatever capacity might be needed; being a part of the shared governance process is important to USA and UHCL.

Facilities and Support Services Committee Alternate Nominee(s)

Kim Edwards - Even though we have accomplished many tasks to make improvements to the UHCL campus, as it has been transitioning, there are still many outstanding items to be completed. Since I have served on the shared governance FSSC committee for several terms, I am familiar with the issues, can give viable feedback, and can propose ideas, which could be beneficial to all members of the UHCL community. I have been a strong spokesperson on behalf of staff and would like to continue to represent USA.

Debra Ross - Shared Governance is an opportunity for Staff to work with Faculty and Administration to initiate and impact change in our community. I have represented USA as an active and vocal member of FSSC for the past two terms and would like to see FSSC Sub-Committee efforts in Signage, Parking and Traffic Safety, and Space Utilization efficiently progress to achieving its goals. As FSSC Alternate, I promise to assure all USA members' concerns and requests are addressed in a timely manner and I dedicate my time and talent to support the elected FSSC Representatives, as requested.
Your vote will be greatly appreciated.

University Life Committee Alternate Nominee(s)
Tiffany King - I am interested in serving as ULC Alternate because I like giving back to the university and would like to get back into serving USA. I have served as SSA President and worked to establish USA. My time has not allowed me to serve on the USA board and think this would be a way to get back in USA and get involved again.
I want to serve on the USA board to give back to the university and staff, and to give them a voice for our concerns to be heard.
Campus Recreation Advisory Board Nominee(s)
 Karen Barbier - When asked if I would consider running for this position, I realized this would be a great way to help with supporting the campus recreation activities on campus while representing the university staff association. I believe that the benefits of exercise are important to strengthening the university community, not just in a physical form, but also in reaching work goals. Exercise strengthens the mind just as much as it strengthens the body.
Program Planning Committee Chair Nominee(s)

Christine Paul - Last year was my first time to do this and it was very rewarding to feel that I was helping university employees to enjoy time together.

Margaret Garcia - I would love to serve in this capacity to help in any way possible to organize future Staff events. I enjoy helping and volunteering whenever possible on the USA Board. I feel it is important to show our Staff that they are appreciated for all they do. Thank you for the nomination!

Welcome & Outreach Committee Chair Nominee(s)
Cynthia Anaya - I'm interested in running for this position because I believe making employees feel welcome while creating opportunities for social interactions among them is critical for employee morale. I also believe that when these two things happen, it can lead to positive work relationships and interactions. I'm willing to serve on the USA Executive Board because I just want to be more involved in general and to step out of my comfort zone.
Fundraising Committee Chair Nominee(s)
Valarie Patt - I am interested in running for the Fundraising Committee Chair because I want to be involved. I love fundraising. I love to support and help. I am my kid's number 1 supporter when they have fundraisers at their school.
Professional Development Committee Chair Nominee(s)
Miriam Quimsieh - I am a proponent professional development for the following reasons: 1) It provides a means to improve and innovate services we provide to the university community. 2) It keeps our staff engaged and motivated to come to work. 3) It provides staff with a path for career progression by building skill sets. Within my department I provide staff trainings on various software and encourage staff members to provide trainings on subjects they are considered department "experts" on to our department staff. I am a UHCL MBA graduate student and understand the struggles of work/home/school life balance and believe I would bring a seasoned perspective.
Webmaster Nominee(s)
Tyler Ronquille - I'm looking to be more involved in the UHCL Community, I speak with many of you daily, and would like to help where I can, while improving my professional skillset.