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Kayaks and Canoes

EIH's fleet includes two one-person sit-on-top kayaks, one two-person sit-on-top kayak, a 15' canoe, a 16' scanoe with trailer, and an 8' Pelican boat. Any of these vessels can be launched in extremely remote locations by hand, and are excellent for navigating narrow tidal creeks or streams. EIH has multiple electric and gas powered trolling motors that can be mounted and used with the canoe, scanoe, and pelican boat. The canoe and scanoe can also be transformed into an electroshocking vessel using EIH's 2.5 GPP unit equipped with stabilizer bars for deeper water, or can be used as a towed barge electroshocking outfit.

For information about research partnership opportunities, please contact EIH at or 281-283-3950.