22' Twin Vee

EIH's 22' Twin Vee is a fiberglass catamaran-style bay boat. This vessel is excellent for navigating choppy open waters, pulling trawls, setting or retrieving nets, or running long distances. This vessel has a t-top to provide shade and cover, and ample deckspace. Because of its twin hull design and electric tilt and jack plate, this vessel can be easily used in shallow water. Additional specifications for this vessel are provided in the table below.

For more information on this vessel, please contact EIH at eih@uhcl.edu or 281-283-3950.


Year Outboard Motor Draft Payload
2012 130hp Evinrude E-tec 10" - 5" 1970 lbs

EIH in Action

Sampling on the Brazos River
On the Water, Brazos River
22' Twin Vee
22' Twin Vee
22' Twin Vee
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