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Acoustic and Radio Telemetry

EIH owns two systems for actively and passively tracking and detecting vertebrates. Our VEMCO VR2W acoustic telemetry system allows us to passively detect individuals tagged with VEMCO V13 coded transmitters by setting up an array system of receivers within a sample area. Our VEMCO VR100 acoustic telemetry system allows us to actively track individuals tagged with the same V13 coded transmitters. Our Advanced Telemetry Systems (ATS) radio telemetry equipment allows us to actively track individuals tagged with ATS series R2000 radio transmitters. For all of our tracking studies, EIH employs the "5% rule" in which no tag may weigh more than 5% of the organism's body mass. In order to stay within this "5% rule," we use appropriately sized tags.

For more information on EIH's telemetry capabilities, or to inquire about research partnerships, please contact EIH at or 281-283-3950.

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