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Upscaling Mangrove Restoration for Coastal Hazard Reduction in a Deltaic Environment: Prioritizing Restoration Efforts for Nature-based Solutions in the Volta Delta

Study Area

Within the Songor and Anlo-Keta Lagoon complexes in the Volta Delta, Ghana

Project Period

2023 – 2026


This project will work with universities, local NGO, as well as community members to better understand how to up-scale locally appropriate mangrove Ecosystem-based Adaptation (EbA) across the Volta Delta in Ghana. Coastal communities in the Volta Delta rely on abundant mangrove forest ecosystems for extractive resources such as fuelwood as well as non-extractive benefits such as coastal hazard reduction. These mangrove resources are however threatened by unsustainable human activities and climate change. Mangrove EbA have high potential for reducing vulnerability to coastal hazards while enhancing ecosystem health. However, implementation of mangrove EbA restoration and conservation projects remains low due to a lack of understanding of the various climate, hazard, environmental and social drivers that influence EbA potential and effectiveness.

This project will help overcome barriers to EbA upscaling in the Volta Delta by: i) developing a web-based assessment tool that provides a spatial ranking of mangrove EbA potential in the Volta Delta; ii) improving understanding of the human and natural factors that shape EbA effectiveness and; iii) building local capacity to assess EbA potential, adaptively manage EbA projects, and conduct ecological mapping and monitoring of mangrove habitats.

Expected Outcomes:

  1. Improved ability to assess and prioritize mangrove EbA sites
  2. Better understanding of factors that advance mangrove EbA success
  3. Increased local capacity to monitor and assess EbA projects for adaptive management

Project Sponsors

Research Partners

  • Prof. Kwasi Appeaning Addo (University of Ghana)
  • Dr. Selasi Avornyo (University of Ghana)
  • Ken Kinney (The Development Institute, Ghana)
  • Dr. Abiy S. Kebede (Brunel University London, United Kingdom)
  • Dr. Nadine Heck (East Carolina University)
  • Dr. Siddharth Narayan (East Carolina University)
  • Dr. Marc Mokrech (University of Houston - Clear Lake)

Other Ghanaian Partners and Stakeholders

Wildlife Division of Forestry Commission, District assemblies, and local communities.