Current Projects

EIH collaborates with a diverse group of partnership organizations from the public and private sectors. EIH receives partial funding by the Texas Legislature, but research projects are funded primarily by grants, contracts, and donations from agencies, corporations, foundations, and individuals.

Baseline Research Studies...

Baseline Research Studies in support of Validation or Refinement of the Adopted Texas Commission Environmental Quality Environmental Flow Standards for the Brazos River Estuary
This project expands on previous research conducted by EIH in the Brazos River Estuary near Freeport. The new project expands the monitoring to the Nearshore Gulf of Mexico, and adds suspended sediment monitoring.

Characterization of Ambient Water Quality...

Characterization of Ambient Water Quality in Natural and Created Wetlands of the Texas Coast
This project's focus compares water quality from both natural and created marshes to nearby open water sites as well as various biotic factors of each marsh. These data will be used to determine if there is a correlation between the various biotic factors and water quality.

Atlantic rangia

Characterization of the Influence of Freshwater Inflow on Trinity River Delta Indicators
During the course of this project, researchers will inventory submerged aquatic vegetation and Atlantic rangia in the Trinity River Delta and monitor salinity using automated devices in the Trinity River Delta.

Critical Life History Parameters of the Texas Diamond-backed Terrapin...

Critical Life History Parameters of the Texas Diamond-backed Terrapin, Malaclemys terrapin littoralis
EIH continues to build upon previous research on the population and distribution of the Texas diamond-backed terrapin in the upper Texas coast.

American eel

Distribution, Abundance, and Habitat Use of the American Eel
The primary objectives for this study are to investigate the distribution, abundance and habitat use of American eels in the coastal waters of Texas with a focus on elvers.

Foraging Ecology of Common Bottlenose Dolphins (Tursiops truncatus) in Galveston Bay, Texas

Foraging Ecology of Common Bottlenose Dolphins (Tursiops truncatus) in Galveston Bay, Texas
This research contributes to the basic life history knowledge of the Galveston Bay dolphin population such as key foraging habitats used by the dolphins and proportions of different prey consumed.

Galveston Bay Dolphin Research

Galveston Bay Dolphin Research and Conservation Program
The objectives of this project are to implement a monitoring program for bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops truncatus) in Galveston Bay, Texas; to determine relative abundance within the upper Galveston Bay Estuary and Houston Ship Channel; and to characterize residency patterns, habitat use and ranging patterns of these dolphins.

National Rivers and Streams Assessment

National Rivers and Streams Assessment
The purpose of this survey is to generate statistically-valid and environmentally relevant information on the condition of the nation's water resources.

Real-time Flow Monitoring of Caney and Oyster Creeks

Real-time Flow Monitoring of Caney and Oyster Creeks
As part of a watershed protection plan in the San Jacinto-Brazos and Brazos-Colorado Coastal Basins, EIH scientists installed continuous flow measurement stations on Caney Creek (Matagorda County) and Oyster Creek (Brazoria County). Data collected will aid researchers in loading calculations and watershed protection plan development.

Texas Clean Rivers Program

Texas Clean Rivers Program
The goal of the Clean Rivers Program is to maintain and improve the quality of water resources within each river basin in Texas through an ongoing partnership involving the TCEQ, river authorities (program partners), local and state governments, industry, citizens and other agencies. EIH conducts routine ambient monitoring at 55 CRP sites in the Houston-Galveston area.

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