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School Sites

In an effort to effectively educate their students about the natural world, teachers have realized that the schoolyard can be transformed into a natural habitat that students can use to experience the outdoors and study the environment. As a result, there has been an increased interest in building school habitats for today's students. Below are the most recent schools that EIH has worked with.

School Project Time
Ed White Elementary Monarch Mayor Garden January 2018
CCISD Floating Wetland Educational Village February 2018
Durkee Elementary HISD Pond Improvements February 2018
Nature Discovery Center Wetland Enhancement March 2018
Weber Elementary, CCISD Native Plant Enhancement March 2018
Helms Elementary, HISD School Habitat Lessons May 2018
Clear Brook HS Atrium Habitat Install May 2018
Lake Livingston Aquatic Invertebrate Training May 2018
Ed White Elementary Work Day Enhancement Monthly
Crosby ISD School Habitat Development January 2017
Ed White Elementary Monarch Mayor Garden January 2017
Helms Elementary, HISD School Habitat Workshop February 4, 2017
League City Parks Nature Park February 2017
Durkee Elementary, HISD Pond Improvements March 2017
CCISD Ed Wetland Educational Village May 2017
Bayside Intermediate, CCISD   2017
Parkwood Elementary, Deer Park ISD Rain Garden & Pocket Prairie October 2017
La Porte Recreation Center Butterfly Garden 2017
Weber Elementary, CCISD Butterfly Garden 2017
Morales Elementary, Pasadena ISD Vegetable Garden 2017
YES Prep East End High School Vegetable Garden 2017
Peter Hyland Center, Goose Creek CISD Butterfly Habitat 2017
Helms Elementary, Houston ISD Pond Enhancements 2017
Ed White Elementary, STEM Magnet Vegetable Garden 2017
Kipp Sunnyside HS, Houston Garden February 2016
Victory Lakes Intermediate Hummingbird Habitat Design Phase February 2016
Ed White Elementary Yellow Cone Flower Garden March 2016
Alamo Elementary, Goose Creek CISD Song bird/Hummingbird Garden March 2016
League City Parks Nature Park Design Phase
CCISD Floating Wetland Monarch Garden May 13, 2016
Durkee Elementary, HISD Pond Enhancement May 2016
Harmony High School Habitat Assessment February 2015
Alamo Elementary, Goose Creek CISD Butterfly Habitat March 2015
Bayside Intermediate, CCISD   2015
Deepwater Elementary, Deer Park ISD   2015
North Point Elementary, CCISD   2015
The Parish School (17-acre site), Houston Habitat Assessment 2015
Ed White Elementary Herb Garden March 2014
Travis Elementary Butterfly & Hummingbird Garden April 2014
Seabrook Intermediate Pathway Enhancement April 2014
Robinson Elementary Vegetable Garden April 2014
Passover Elementary Habitat Assessment May 2014
League City Elementary Pond Reconstruction Spring 2013
Mossman Elementary  Discovery Garden  April 2013
Seabrook Intermediate  Hummingbird Habitat  April 2013
Robinson Elementary  Butterfly Garden  May 2013
San Leon Elementary Habitat Enhancements November 2013
Clear Falls HS Floating Wetland Installed November 2013
Clear Creek Intermediate Butterfly Habitat April 2012