Purple Martin Nest Camera

Purple martins have left the building. See you next year!

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Nest Updates
Date Activity
4/5/18 Nest cam goes live.
2/27/18 Scout Report - First purple martin of the year spotted by habitat volunteers.
4/27/18 First egg laid at 6:55 a.m. Thanks Matt Fendley for submitting the observation!
5/1/18 Incubation begins
5/2/18 Sixth (last) egg laid. Based on the average incubation time, we expect eggs to begin hatching between May 16 & 18.
5/17/18 Babies hatch
Nest FAQs
  • When will the female lay her eggs?
    Egg laying commences after nest building is completed, which is indicated by the martins lining the nest with soft, often times green, leaves.
  • How many eggs do purple martins usually lay?
    Females lay from two to seven all white eggs. The average clutch size is four to five eggs.
  • How long will it be before the eggs hatch?
    The female incubates the eggs for approximately 15 days, at which point the babies hatch.
  • When do the babies leave the nest?
    The babies are ready to fledge, at anywhere from 26 to 32 days old. They continue to depend on their parents for food, for a couple of weeks after leaving the nest.


This live stream is made possible by a generous donation from Gulf Coast Authority.

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