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Renée  E. Lastrapes

Renée E. Lastrapes, Ph.D.

Education Program Director and Professor of Educational Research and Assessment,
College of Education

Contact number: 281-283-3566
Office: B1111 - 7


Curriculum Vitae

Areas of Expertise

  • Statistics 
  • Quantitative Research Design
  • Assessment for students with specific learning disabilities
  • Behavioral interventions for teachers working with students with emotional and behavioral disorders


  • Grace, J. & Lastrapes, R. E. (2023). What do school administrators think about race? A critical race mixed-method study. Journal of School Leadership. Advance online publication.
  • Boquet, A., Pettrey, K., Lastrapes, R. E.,  & Mooney, P. (2022). What does a useful practitioner journal article look like? Perceptions of preservice teacher candidates. [Manuscript submitted for publication].
  • Grace, J., Simieou, F., Lastrapes, R. E., & Decman, J. (2022). Confronting the racism boogeyman: Educational leaders make meaning of the impact of George Floyd. Education, Citizenship, and Social Justice. Advance online publication.  
  • Lastrapes, R.E. (2022). Teaching general education preservice teachers special education acronyms using SAFMEDS. Special Education Research, Policy & Practice, 6, 93-104.
  • Pettrey, K., Lastrapes, R. E., & Mooney, P. (2022). Developing self-monitoring skills in mathematics for students with emotional and behavioral disorders. Beyond Behavior, 31(1), 65-75.  
  • Lastrapes, R. E., Jain, P., & Fritz, J. N. (2021). Effects of a prompting intervention on teachers’ use of behavior-specific praise in an urban preschool. Journal of Behavioral Education. Advance online publication.  
  • Xu, C. & Lastrapes, R. E. (2021). Impact of STEM sense of belonging on career interest: The role of STEM attitudes. Journal of Career Development. Advance online publication.  
  • Lastrapes, R. E., & Mooney, P. (2021). Teachers’ use and perceptions of research-to-practice articles. Exceptionality, 29(5), 375-389.    
  • Eschete, C., Lastrapes, R. E. & Mooney, P. (2021). Increasing teacher education candidate collaboration knowledge and skill through approximations of practice. Special Education Research Policy and Practice, 5, 40-58.
  • Mooney, P., & Lastrapes, R. E. (2020). Conceptual replications of the critical content monitoring general outcome measure in science content. Assessment for Effective Intervention, 45(2), 121-134.

Courses (Current Academic Year)

  • EDCI 7031 Quantitative Research I
  • EDCI 7032 Quantitative Research II
  • EDLS 7031 Quantitative Research I
  • EDLS 7032 Quantitative Research II
  • EDLS 8530 Research Seminar (Proposal Writing)
  • EDLS 7332 Current Issues in Educational Measurement
  • EDUC 6032 Applied Statistics
  • EDUC 6033 Research Design and Analysis
  • SPED 4300 Survey of Exceptionalities

Awards and Accomplishments

  • 2020 Minnie Stevens Piper Foundation Teaching Award Nominee
  • 2018 Minnie Stevens Piper Foundation Teaching Award Nominee