Renée  E. Lastrapes

Renée E. Lastrapes, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Education Research and Assessment,
College of Education

Contact number: 281-283-3566
Office: 1111-5


Curriculum Vitae

Areas of Expertise

  • Statistics 
  • Quantitative Research Design
  • Assessment for students with SLD
  • Behavioral interventions for teachers working with students with EBD


Csaszar, I. E., Curry, J. R., & Lastrapes, R. E. (in-press). Effects of loving kindness meditation on student teachers’ reported levels of stress and empathy. Teacher Education Quarterly.

Fritz, J. N., Dupuis, D. L., Wu, W., Neal, A. E., Rettig, L. A., & Lastrapes, R. E. (in-press). Effects of equating effort on recycling and trash disposal. Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis.

Boudreaux-Johnson, M., Mooney, P., & Lastrapes, R. E. (2017). An evaluation of Close Reading with at-risk fourth grade students in science content. Journal of At-Risk Issues, 20(1), 27-35.

Jackson, K. M., Willis, K., Giles, L., Lastrapes, R. E., & Mooney, P. (2017). How to meaningfully incorporate co-teaching into programs for middle school students with emotional and behavioral disorders. Beyond Behavior, 26(1) 11-18.

Lastrapes, R. E. (2016). Let Us Play: Using research-based games to facilitate effective instruction. Beyond Behavior, 25(3), 27-33.

Mooney, P., Lastrapes, R. E., Marcotte, A. M., & Matthews, A. (2016). Validity of two general outcome measures of science and social studies achievement. Specialusis Ugdymas/Special Education, 34(1), 145-188.

Mooney, P., & Lastrapes, R. E. (2016). The benchmarking capacity of a general outcome measure of academic language in science and social studies. Assessment for Effective Intervention, 41(4), 209-219.

Lastrapes, R. E. (2014). Using the good behavior game in an inclusive classroom. Intervention in School and Clinic, 49(4), 225-229.

Archer, L. A. C. & Lastrapes, R. E. (2014). Demonstrate mathematical modeling using Excel. Mathematics in Michigan, 47(2), 16-20.

Courses (Current Academic Year)

  • EDCI 7031 Quantitative Research I
  • EDCI 7032 Quantitative Research II
  • EDLS 7031 Quantitative Research I
  • EDLS 7032 Quantitative Research II
  • EDLS 8530 Research Seminar (Proposal Writing)
  • EDLS 7332 Current Issues in Educational Measurement
  • EDUC 6032 Applied Statistics
  • EDUC 6033 Research Design and Analysis
  • SPED 4300 Survey of Exceptionalities

Awards and Accomplishments

  • Lillian Oleson Scholarship for the College of Human Sciences and Education
  • Paul & Ellen Arst Scholarship for the College of Human Sciences and Education
  • Dr. William Rodney Cline Philosophy of Education Scholarship