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COE Disposition Acknowledgment

College of Education Professional Dispositions

The COE Policy on Professional Dispositions defines the standard of behavior UHCL College of Education expects of its candidates. The way candidates approach their coursework, their field experiences, and their interactions with others is reflective of the way they will approach their commitments to their professional roles and professions. In addition to the Professional Dispositions, it is imperative that each candidate follow the UHCL Student Code of Conduct as outlined in the UHCL's Student Rights and Responsibilities.

To ensure that all students are knowledgeable of and abide by the Professional Dispositions expected of UHCL students, the COE Academic Review Committee (ARC) approved the decision to place a COE Dispositions Acknowledgment within every course, beginning Spring 2020. Students must complete the acknowledgment via a two question quiz at the beginning of each course. Data from student acknowledgments, along with course disposition evaluations will be collected and analyzed by ARC to ensure UHCL students graduate with the dispositions required of them to be successful in the field.

DAQ Tutorials and Support Documents

Downloading, Importing and Deploying the DAQ

Download the DAQ Zip File (This link takes you to the secure download site. Login with your UHCL credentials and the file will automatically download in your browser.) Do not open or unzip this file. You just want to download it and save it to your computer.

Importing and Deploying DAQ Tutorial pdf (this file has been updated, refresh your browser to be sure you download the latest version from 08/15/2020)

[Video] Importing and Deploying the DAQ, 3:05

Downloading the DAQ Results for submission to COE Planning and Assessment Office

Downloading the DAQ Results Tutorial pdf

[Video] Download DAQ Results, 1:14

Chrome Web Browser Users: If you are using the Chrome web browser, please note that it does not automatically assign the excel file extension to the downloaded report as it have done in the past.

Before you send the file(s), please rename in the following format (example: Lane_EDUC3100_01.xls):


Excluding the DAQ from Course Grade Calculations

Excluding the DAQ from Course Grade.pdf

Using optional Adaptive Release with the DAQ. 

Using Adaptive Release with DAQ Tutorial pdf

[Video] Using Adaptive Release with DAQ

Help and Support

If you need help deploying the DAQ in Blackboard, please contact the COE Instructional Designer, Izaak Diefenbach at 281-283-2922 or


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