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College of Education Planning and Assessment

The College of Education Planning and Assessment supports the college mission of maintaining and advancing quality programs through the process of data-based decision making. Under the direction of the COE Dean, the Director of Planning and Assessment is responsible for the collection, storage, analysis, and presentation of program outcome data as needed for compliance, accreditation, program evaluation, and most importantly, continuous improvement. COE works closely with the university's Planning and Assessment office to support the university mission and compliance requirements, as well as responding to internal and external reporting needs.

Our mission is to provide the information and expertise necessary for program planning and data-based decision-making that supports continuous improvement efforts.  Review the COE Annual Program Assessment and Evaluation Plan

What is assessment?

Assessment is the systematic collection and examination of information to determine progress toward a specific goal. The process of assessment fuels efforts for continuous improvement, as academic programs and support units use assessment findings to determine whether intended outcomes were achieved and how best to improve future performance.

Why do we perform assessment?

Assessment is conducted to ensure that we are constantly focused on improving the learning experience. It is something academic programs must do to improve student learning and establish a strong scholastic reputation. It is something support units must do to promote reliable services and efficient business practices. While assessment is required by accrediting bodies, it is also intrinsic to the nature of higher education – an essential tool that affords us the ability to evaluate how we are doing and what we can do to improve.

When do we perform assessment?

Faculty use course assignments and standards based rubrics to assess student learning outcomes each semester. Faculty and staff use student outcomes and other program level data to assess program goals and outcomes each year. With support from the UHCL Office of Planning and Assessment, we submit annual assessment reports each fall. 



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