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Pre-Service Clinical Teaching II (TCED 4978)

Qualifications to Enter into Pre-Service Clinical Teaching II 

Students must meet the following requirements for admission to Pre-service Clinical Teaching II:

  1. All Texas Examinations of Educator Standards (TExES) exams must be passed by the benchmark dates to be eligible for Clinical Teaching II :  
    • June 1 to participate in the fall semester.
    • January 1 to participate in spring semester.
  2. Successful completion of Pre-Service Clinical Teaching I with a grade of "B-" or better.
  3. Successful completion of all field experiences courses.
  4. A grade point average (GPA) of 3.000 or better in pedagogy courses, with a "B-" or better in Pre-Service Clinical Teaching I.
  5. A GPA of 2.500 or better in specialization courses with grades of "C-"or better in all other coursework at UHCL.
  6. Successful completion of TCED 4100/4102.

Current Clinical Teaching I candidates do not need to apply for Clinical Teaching II.

  • The State Assessments Coordinator will verify that all required TExES exams were passed by the benchmark dates listed below to determine candidates' eligibility (item 1 above).   
    • June 1 to participate in the fall semester.
    • January 1 to participate in spring semester.
  • The COE Advising staff will automatically conduct an audit of all Clinical Teaching I candidates' academic records at the end of each semester to determine candidates' eligibility (items 2-6 above).

Clinical Teaching II  Program

TCED 4378 & TCED 4978 At-A-Glance

Paraprofessional TCED 4378 & TCED 4978 At-A-Glance

UHCL Clinical teachers are provided with experiences that will assist in the development and application of knowledge, skills and dispositions to continue their growth and development as new teachers. They accept increasing responsibility for their development as professional educators, demonstrate their ability to integrate and implement the knowledge, skills and dispositions of effective teaching, continue development as critical reflective thinkers, while becoming self-confident and effective practitioners.

The Clinical Teaching II experience continues with the same Clinical Teaching I mentor teacher and mentoring team. During the Clinical Teaching II semester, clinical teachers will adhere to the instructional day of the PDS site Monday through Friday. They are responsible for understanding and applying school policies and procedures for their designated PDS and the Clinical Teaching I and II Handbook. They will participate in ALL aspects of the professional role of teacher, including, but not limited to: professional committees and meetings; monitoring duty (cafeteria, bus lines, etc.); parent and student conferencing; extra-curricular activities with prior approval of the district supervisor; and, other assigned professional duties. Field supervisors will provide a calendar with all dates and times for Clinical Teaching II meetings, assignment due dates, and attendance requirements.

NOTE: No more than three additional semester hours may be taken during Pre-service Clinical Teaching II (TCED 4978). These additional courses must meet no earlier than 7 p.m., as they may interfere with Clinical Teaching II course requirements. See a COE advisor for acceptable coursework.    


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