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Center for Professional Development of Teachers

The UHCL College of Education is a state-approved Center for Professional Development of Teachers (CPDT). The teacher preparation program offers extensive public school-based experiences for prospective educators. These expanded experiences include a two-semester internship, public school-based university coursework, and close cooperation with many schools designated as professional development school sites. These school sites regard every staff member as a mentor who fosters a rich, supportive environment for preparing professional teachers. Field experiences vary from one day each week during the public school semester to every day the entire semester, depending on specific requirements of your program.

The CPDT works with local public school districts to coordinate all field experiences as part of teacher certification and graduate professional certification.

Internship I and II Overview

As part of the UHCL College of Education teacher certification program, the candidates must complete required field-based experiences. It is believed that the more “real world” experience candidates gain during their training, the more prepared they will be when they become a certified teacher. The Internship course is designed to provide pre-service teachers (student teachers) hands-on experience related to every aspect of the teaching profession. As a professional educator, the student teacher is expected to serve in a variety of teaching roles with a high level of responsibility.

The Internship program (Pre-Service Internship I and II) is a two-semester course that must be completed consecutive semesters (fall/spring or spring/fall). Pre-Service Internships I  and II are not offered in the summer.

Professional Development Schools (PDS): The Internship Model at UHCL

Student teachers serve at one of the many Professional Development Schools. Those schools are area public schools working with the College of Education under the UHCL Teacher Certification Council endorsement. The Professional Development School Internship enhances teacher quality through its successful partnerships. Our partners share one common goal: sustained renewal through pre-service teacher preparation, professional development, research, enhanced student learning, and technology integrated into the curriculum.

The partners also share a common vision of preparing future teachers in learner-centered schools, and intensively supervising and training its student teachers. From these common goals, UHCL established a year-long classroom Internship that provides its student teachers increasing responsibility. All the training takes place under the guidance of a master teacher. 

State rules on Criminal Background Checks

Participation in the UCHL COE Paraprofessional Program

The Texas Administrative Code 228.35 (k) states that candidates employed as certified educational aides may satisfy their clinical teaching assignment requirements through their instructional duties.

UHCL College of Education has the following requirements for participation in the Paraprofessional Program:

  • Must have at least one year of experience as an instructional paraprofessional (aide) per COE CPDT & participating school district Human Resource Department guidelines.
  • Must hold a current Paraprofessional Educational (Aide)SBEC Certificate.
  • Current job assignment must be in the certification area being sought per COE CPDT & participating school district Human Resource Department guidelines.
  • Principal approved needed to participate in Internship I and Internship II/Clinical Teaching while completing paraprofessional (aide) campus duties.

The academic plans are individualized for each student as well as each paraprofessional's Internship I and Internship II/Clinical Teaching experience.

Paraprofessional Program Questions? 

Paraprofessional Flyer (PDF)

COE Paraprofessional (Aide) Academic Advisor, Taylor Boggio
Phone: 281-283-3504

Center for Professional Development of Teachers
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