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Spring Branch ISD


  1. Spring Branch ISD begins accepting observation requests on September 16 and continue taking requests until March 6, and does not break from requests at all during that time.
  2. Field Experience Requests and course rosters are to be submitted to CPDT.
  3. Spring Branch ISD Human Resources will email students their approval with a list of schools open to observations. The student will then contact the campus to set up their observations.


  1. Students are to follow the instructions located at:
  2. Click on Join Our Team.
  3. Click on Student Observers.
  4. Complete the online Observation Application/Request form.
  5. Spring Branch ISD will fulfill placements on a first come basis of those who have provided all the requested documentation. You will not be contacted for any missing documents. Only those applications that are complete at the time of receipt will be reviewed.