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Pasadena ISD


  1. There is a new online field experience application beginning January 2022.
  2. Field Experience Requests and course rosters are to be submitted to CPDT. 
  3. Instructors are to contact campus principals to arrange placements. The campus principal will have final word on how many students they will allow at any given time based on the needs of the campus. 
  4. Students who have been approved receive an email from Pasadena HR. Unapproved students will be contacted by Pasadena HR.


You will be able to apply for field experience AFTER August 20, 2022. Before this time, the links and instructions below will not be available. 

Go to the Pasadena ISD application page to complete the online field experience application.

  1. Click on Temporary Worker.
  2. Click on Field Experience/Observations
  3. Complete the application. 
  4.  You will receive a form to submit the necessary information to run the DPS Name Check.
  5. Provide your birthdate and Social Security number.
  6. If you are currently employed by Pasadena ISD, include your Lawson ID# on the “Social Security” field.
  7. Once your application is approved, you will receive and email from Pasadena HR.

Note: Students will forward district approval letters/emails if available to the course instructor.