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Humble ISD

Application and background check authorization will be provided by district upon request of CPDT.


  1. Humble ISD will accept Field Experience Requests for spring 2020 as soon as possible. 
  2. Field Experience Requests and course rosters are to be submitted to CPDT.
  3. Humble ISD requires an application and background check authorization be submitted by students.  Humble ISD will provide those documents to students upon CPDT’s request. 
  4. Placements will be determined by Human Resources and the various campuses.  Neither students, nor instructors are to contact the district/campuses regarding placements.
  5. CPDT will notify instructors of eligibility once received from the district. 


  1. Humble ISD requires that you submit a background check authorization in order to conduct Field Experience in Humble ISD.  These forms are not provided online, but will be sent to you by the district, upon your instructor’s and CPDT’s request.